In Fighting Unconventional Wars, All Parties Must Play Their Roles—Senator Ekwunife

Senator Uche Ekwunife


Senator Uche Ekwunife who represents Anambra Central District in the Senate spoke to CHARLES ONYEKAMUO in Awka recently on the security situation in the country and efforts of the Nigerian Military to combat insurgency among others. Excerpts…                               

As a Senator of the Federal Republic, what is your disposition towards the fight against terrorism in Nigeria?

Being a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I strive hard to enhance my perspective and capacity in and outside of our dear nation. I, therefore, take more than passing interest in the progress and challenges associated with our fight against terrorism and insecurity in Nigeria. Over the years I have been following discussions emanating from international communities and have come to the sad reality and conclusions that this battle is ours and ours alone to fight our way to victory.

 What is your impression of our military as frontlines in this fight?

I congratulate our military in no small way. Manning the frontline between the insurgents, and us they are doing good work. The battle may not have been won and lost, but a whole world of commendable successes has been made.

The country as a whole need to support our military to boost their morale, that great driving force in this enviable profession that is a matter of life or death.

From a strategy perspective, what advice will you give to Nigerians in general as it relates to dealing with terrorism?

In further appreciating the great works of our military, I make bold to raise a few issues of strategic importance. First of all, the war against insecurity in our country and the sub-region is not a matter for the media spaces, because the enemy does not have a clear-cut battlefront and most of them may be clandestinely interacting within the society.

Secondly, to truly appreciate our situation, we must come to terms with the fact that the best we can get in terms of support from international communities in this struggle will be finance and weapons instead of being involved in the battlefield. This leaves us with few choices and those choices are.

Equipping them must be targeted to surpass whatever weapons our soldier will see in the hands of the terrorist in the front line. Everything should be put in place to ensure that the combat readiness of our troops is such that their psychological comportment remains high at all times.

The personal welfare of servicemen and their families should be such that every soldier should serve with pride as in developed countries. Indeed being a soldier should come with pride and privileges. Above all, we must completely separate and isolate the military from any form of what usually divides us. Professionalism in our military should be devoid of politics, ethnicity and faith.

 What is your assessment of the Nigerian military so far?  

I must admit that there are other complex factors that come into play in all of these. However, it is important without reservation to congratulate the gallantry and the bravery of our military. Our military has so far performed well and securing numerous victories against the insurgents within the limits of the resources at their disposal. They have been neutralising and containing many fronts.

We are all aware of the pace and speed with which the insurgents were gaining grounds at the onset, if not for the actions of our military, today the story would have been different. I further urge the Nigerian military to be more prepared in going into the battle for the restoration of Nigeria’s security because indeed this battle is ours nothing more, nothing less.

The wave of insecurity faced by our country and her citizens must be seen as a Nigerian problem. Only concerted efforts by all Nigerians in synergy with the Armed Forces can bring about the needed solution. The government must play its role; the citizens must carry out their civic responsibility and the armed forces too. The Governors that claim to be chief security officers of their states must wake up in the face of this insecurity. We can’t continue to blame the military if all the stakeholders are not doing what they are supposed to do. In fighting the unconventional wars all the parties must play their roles.

How do you rate the human rights posture of the Nigerian Army?

The Nigerian Army is currently involved in various internal security operations across the federation and fight against terrorism and insurgency mostly in the Northeast. This has brought about more interaction and intermingling with the public with attendant allegations of human rights violations by some of its officers and men. However, it is glaring that the Nigerian Army is doing the best it could in the protection of human rights, especially in the last five years. The Nigerian Army leadership recognised the importance of the respect and protection of human rights in the discharge of its constitutional responsibilities through training and strict compliance to rules of engagements and collaboration with stakeholders.

These efforts have a tremendous positive impact on the improved professionalism being exhibited by troops as the Nigerian Army continues to maintain a zero-tolerance for human rights violations among its personnel. The reduction in the reported cases of such violations is quite commendable. It has also mainstreamed the female gender through a greater sense of belonging and creation of the Women Corps.  The Nigerian Army is one of the few military institutions in the world that cares, promotes and protects human rights in all its activities.

It has established and sustained human rights desks and toll-free call centres across its formations and units, as well as pursued improved civil-military relations. Based on the foregoing and much more, to me, the Nigerian Army is one of the best Armies in the world as regards respect for and protection of human rights and would, therefore, rate the human rights posture of the Nigerian Army as one of the best among world’s armies.

Nevertheless in every profession, sometimes, there will be some skeletal mistakes, which are bound because of human error, but those exceptions cannot be basis or yardsticks for measurement of performance. Our armed forces need our support and Nigerians must support them, stand by them, encourage and motivate them. We can’t continue to demoralise them by constantly castigating them.

On a final note?

Once again I send my heartfelt goodwill to our men in the field, their commanders and all the leadership of our gallant military. May God protect you all and may God protect our dear nation, Nigeria.

•Source: Daily Independent

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