2021: Primate Ayodele Warns Against Coup D’état In Nigeria, Other African Countries

Primate Ayodele

  • Says Farmers, Herdsmen Clash In Imo, Oyo, Abia Others Very Imminent

By Collins Nkwocha/

It is obviously not all servants of God that have the gift of Prophesy; it is not even all prophets that can give prophecies to nations and the world at large.

Primate Ayodele is one prophet that has made an indelible mark in the area of prophecies, giving accurate prophecies and warring nations of impending dangers based on divine revelations.

Speaking recently as he released his prophecies for 2021 at the headquarters of his ministry in Lagos, he said that Nigeria and other African nations should pray against coup d’état.

“African nations should pray against the military coup in the year 2021, some of the coups will be abortive,” he added just as he said that Trump’s effort to frustrate Biden will be thwarted.

He further said that Britain will have issues with European Union (EU) resulting from their Trade deals, some African countries will run into great debt, as countries like Nigeria, Mozambique, Angola, Tanzania and Uganda will be hard-hit.

The cleric also warned Yemen, Colombia, Haiti and Afghanistan to be careful of a sudden attack at their airports.

Speaking more about what will happen in the Nigerian nation in 2021, the cleric said: “I see problems between the government and the traditional rulers, some of them will be removed by the government, I see serious danger in Imo, Benue, Plateau, Abia, Oyo and the Borno States as a result of farmers and herdsmen clashes.”

The cleric also hinted that Nigeria Maritime Authority will face greater challenges and told Nigeria to pray against the capsizing of a ship, just he also advised Nigerians to pray against a major plane crash. He further said that the service chiefs need prayers for their health.

The government need to pay rapt attention to what this great prophet of God is saying, our pathetic state of insecurity in Nigeria obviously requires divine intervention because our service chiefs and security agents are already overwhelmed.

It is so vivid for everyone to see that they do not have an answer to our security problems in Nigeria. Where there’s no vision, people obviously perish, God cannot come down to speak to us directly in this very era, he uses his prophets to speak and warn us of certain things.

The government of Nigeria and the government of other countries mentioned need to pray and strategise in order to avert the impending bloodshed that is looming in these states.



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