Smoking Marijuana Not A Sin Before God, Says Pastor Onyeukwu



The Founder of Grace Revolution International Ministry, Lagos, pastor Shugger Ezenwa Onyeukwu has dropped a bombshell by saying that smoking Marijuana (Indian hemp) is not a sin before God.

Speaking to newsmen at the Headquarters of his ministry in Lagos, the cleric enunciated that the smoking of marijuana is only proscribed by the laws of the land because of some adverse effects it gives those that their body is not friendly with the substance, he said: “a lot of pastors are teaching people morals, morality has nothing to do with the law, smoking of marijuana is a sin before man or before the law but not a sin before God”.

The cleric further went ahead to say that God has given us everything to use as humans and that there’s never a verse of the Bible that God told us that smoking marijuana is a sin.

He said, “some people might think that I smoke because of this, but everyone that knows me, know that I don’t smoke, I’m only preaching the truth which most pastors have denied the people”.

He further stated that people smoking marijuana should not see themselves as sinners before God, rather they should know that they have only disobeyed a law that was made by man. He further advised those that are smoking it that if they discover that it’s detrimental to their health, they should desist from it.

He advised that smoking marijuana to pray to God before smoking it because it’s very a sin before God, the law could see them as offenders, but not God.

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