Brown Shuga To Release New Single Champion Sound


West African dancehall artiste, Brown Shuga has announced that he is set to release his new single, ‘Champion Sound’ on September 24. 

The new single, which will be distributed worldwide by VPAL Music, shares a title with his sophomore album set to hit the airwaves also.

According to Brown Shuga, “when you are feeling down and weak, Champion Sound is that sound that rejuvenates and bring out the energy and the champion spirit in everyone. Beneath its celebratory message, it is also uniting people of the world and letting everyone know that there’s greatness inside of them. 

“Also, the song focuses on the fact that no matter what life throws at you, you should never give in and you should always remember you are a king/queen.”

For him, the song is a bunch of messages wrapped up in one sound, reminding people that pain is a part of the struggle of facing the odds, and that coming out of a dark place to emerge as champions is the goal. 

Currently signed to VPAL Music, sister-label to VP Records, the energetic and versatile artiste has collaborated with artistes from different parts of the world in the past few years. 

Among other things, Brown Shuga is also signed to Renegade State Of Mind Nation and will be hosting ‘Champion Sound Experience Party’ in collaboration with Iceland Beach in October in anticipation of Champion Sound, the album.


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