CACOL Urges FG To Carry Out Diligent Investigation Over Pandora Reports            

President Buhari

The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership (CACOL) has urged the Federal Government to carry out diligent investigation on the contents of the recently released Pandora Reports.

Comrade Debo Adeniran, CACOL Chairman, who spoke to newsmen in Lagos, said that the contents of the report should not be swept under the carpet like the previous ones, which he said did not achieve any purpose after a lot of noise had been made in the media by civil society groups.

The recently released reports fingered some top Nigerian leaders as being corrupt, alleging that they had in fact laundered huge amounts of money in foreign countries, as well as having properties and jewelries abroad.

Adeniran, who said that the Pandora Papers were not the first that had indicted top Nigerians, made reference to the Wikileaks, Panama and Paradise papers, which contents, he recalled, exposed several people, lamenting that till date, those people had remained in the corridors of power, some in the National Assembly and the Executive arms of the current Government.

He said: “The recent Pandora Paper’s revelation should not be allowed to go the way of the ones before it, i.e. the Wikileaks, Panama and Paradise Papers. The Government should do all within its powers to carry out due diligence investigation on the people mentioned and none of them should be allowed to go scot free.

“That is the only way by which the present administration of Muhammadu Buhari will be seen to be truly anti-corruption and integrity conscious. We are still studying the revelations in all the papers and we will soon come out with a comprehensive statement on it.”

Adeniran stressed that Nigerians should be involved in the fight against corruption, adding that every effort should be made to reduce corruption in the public service.

He disclosed that CACOL would soon push a bill to the National Assembly, which if passed into law, would ensure there was NEEDS assessment by even agency and department of government before the budget was presented and passed.

He said that by the provision of the bill, all legislators would have to go to their constituencies and senatorial districts to carry out the NEEDS assessment which would involve the people.

This, the CACOL boss said, would be harmonized by the Executive before money was budgeted and allocated for projects, stressing, “No money will be approved until it is discussed at the constituencies or senatorial districts. Legislators will not legislate allowances for themselves, except what is provided by the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission.

“If any legislator does it, he or she will be sanctioned. This will ensure that there is no free money to be taking. There must be a ceiling of what will be spent.

The United Nations (UN should ensure that no country or financial institution will accommodate stolen money. That is the way stronger nations can protect the smaller ones and their wealth. The weak nations should not be allowed to suffer the oppressive actions of stronger nations. The UN should have a force to enforce its laws. If this is done, there will be peace.”


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