Pathfinder Equips Journalists With Digital Skills For Family Planning Costed-Implementation Plan


To increase social media campaign for the adoption of costed-implementation plan (CIP) for family planning in the country, Pathfinder International Nigeria has empowered 30 journalists with digital communications skills.

The training which was part of the sustainability plan for the Advance Family Planning project (AFP), involved Reporters and Editors from the mainstream media, and was targeted to  enable them ensure a stronger connection with their online audience.

Dr. Sakina Bello, Senior Programme Advisor, Reproductive Health, Pathfinder International, Nigeria, said the training became necessary to ensure that the media is well equipped to advocate the Costed-implementation plan (CIP) for family planning.

Bello who was giving her welcome address at the three-day Digital Communication Workshop in Abuja, stressed on the need for governments at every level in the country to adopt the CIP for family planning.

According to her, many people are not aware of the Costed-implementation plan (CIP) for family planning, a multi-year actionable road map designed to help governments achieve their family planning goals, but social media campaign can ensure awareness of it among stakeholders.

The Reproductive Health expert further noted that the workshop would empower the media to tackle the pandemic of fake news.

Bello said, “Fake news is not just about COVID-19; it affects other issues like family planning. The media is a trusted resource, so they must be equally equipped with knowledge on how to use the social media to make authentic information go viral.”

Noting the increased presence of policymakers on social media, Dr. Bello stated that the journalists, based on the training, are expected to use their skills to inform policymakers and engender support to bridge funding gaps for family planning.

This is a faster way of getting them informed about people’s family planning needs and their felt needs as well as what the issues are regarding funding gaps for family planning,” she added.


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