APGA Chieftain Says Malami’s Emergency Rule Threat On Anambra A Treasonable Felony 

Abubakar Malami


A chieftain of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Anambra state, Hon. Barr. Ifeatu Obiokoye has accused those he described as APC elements as being responsible for the state of insecurity in Anambra.

Obiokoye who made the accusations in Awka while speaking with our correspondent, said APC elements who were desperate to win the November 6 governorship election were the people responsible for the insecurity in the state.

He said spurious statements coming in the heat of the frenzied atmosphere in the state tendentiously geared towards making points about November 6, can never be the basis of analysing a government that has spent 7 years in office. That the Obiano administration has proven itself in the area of security until the last two months.

On the governor’s visit to the presidential Villa, Obiokoye noted  that the government of Anambra state has for the past 7 years maintained and sustained a strategic relationship with the presidency. That sometimes the governor was accused of making plans to join the APC  due to his harmonious relationship with the federal government but all those were unfounded rumours and didn’t hold water.

Although he was cognisant of the fact that under the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended, it was the sole responsibility of the federal government to protect the lives and properties of all Nigerian citizens That it would rather be mischievous for anyone to turn around to blame a governor who has had the best record on security in the last seven years because the governorship election was around the corner.

According to the  astute politician, how can APC that could not secure the federal republic of Nigeria, secure the southeast region,  secure Kaduna, Zamfara, Niger , Imo and others , talk about stringent security measures in Anambra, adding that the whole public must understand that it is all about the governorship election. That in the larger interest of the people of Anambra state and more than partisan consideration,  Ndi-Anambra must resist and detest APC.

He said until lately, Anambra state has enjoyed relative peace and that time has come for stakeholders to speak vehemently on the Anambra issue. That the Anambra issue must not be left for the street to decide.

Obiokoye held that Malami’s emergency rule on Anambra gave credence to the policy decision of Governor Willie Obiano not to attend the security meeting held in Enugu even though he said the decision was not because security of.

The southeast was not paramount to Ndi-Anambra; that if there was any area the government of Governor Obiano will say to have excelled convincingly in the last 7 years, it was in the area of security.

The APGA chieftain emphasized that Anambra state under Governor Willie Obiano has attained several local and international awards for maintaining and sustaining the security architecture of the state in the last 7 years; that Obiano’s government can not be accused of being insensitive to the security of lives and properties of Anambra citizens.

He explained that 7 years of governance Anambra didn’t witness any major bank robbery incidents. That the state has confronted criminals, kidnappers and other obnoxious elements across the state but notoriously in the last two months leading to the November 6 governorship election, the security situation in Anambra state changed.

Obiokoye noted that initially government thought it was a natural build up towards the election when people begin to recruit thugs to forment trouble but stated that government had far more reaching intelligence  on the matter.

He said, ” We have intelligence that the people who are causing mayhem in Anambra state are coming from outside the state. I must say as a lawyer too that the statements of the Attorney General of the federation amounts to treasonable felony because his statements does not derive from the facts on ground.

” Before you begin to talk about a state of emergency, they must derive from a position of siege on ground. In the last two months, a total of 15 people have been killed in Anambra state in various incidents all because of the election. We never saw this until two months ago.

” So every Anambra state adult citizen must rise to the situation because it is no more about APGA or PDP. Election is for all political parties. Election remains an opportunity for Anambra people to choose for themselves who will be their next leader.

” You cannot force somebody on the people of Anambra state. Between the APC candidate and the Attorney General of the federation, as a lawyer I understand the role of the Attorney General, he is the chief law officer in the country but he can never use that position to foster the benefit of a particular political party because it will be most unprofessional, unethical and calls for his immediate resignation from office as Attorney General of the federation.

“I speak as a very senior member of the bar that the conduct of Malami as Attorney General of the federation for suggesting an emergency rule in Anambra state when the situation on ground does not in any way suggest that, shows that he has lacks the capacity to continue in office as the Attorney General of the federation. His statement is an indictment on the Federal Republic of Nigeria. “


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