International Day Of Girl Child: FCTA Urges Girls To Rebuild Bridges, Reconciliation


The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has urged girls to work hard to bring about much-needed healing and to rebuild bridges of reconciliation, mutual understanding, equity, fairness, and justice that were quickly disintegrating.

Dr Kevin Ike, Acting Secretary FCTA, Social Development Secretariat (SDS), delivered the advice on Monday during the 2021 International Day of the Girl Child event organized by the Helpline Foundation for the Needy in Abuja.

Ike, who was represented by Malam Muktair Mohammed, the Head, Revenue Unit of SDS, stated that there was a lot of suspicion in the air and that “there is no denying that the elder generation has failed.”

Ike urged the female parliamentarians to strive to be the change they want to see in the world by speaking out against social injustice, sexual and gender-based violence, and child maltreatment.

He also emphasized the importance of girls exploring and making positive use of social media and the internet in order to have their voices heard and constantly make their point.

According to him, “Use social media and internet to champion the cause of the girl child unto her liberation, protection and achievement of her full potential.

” Use it in addressing domestic violence whenever you see one and so make your neighborhood saner than you met it.

” There is a place in the history of mankind for you to make great marks before leaving planet earth; do not therefore, take it lightly,” Ike said.

Earlier, Dr Jumai Ahmadu, the founder and President of Helpline Foundation For The Needy, said” we advocate that the foundation of building a generation of strong, dependable, strong-willed and innovative women, be laid from now in the hearts of young girls.

” We should be mindful of the fact that we all have a role to play in the physical and mental development of our girls if they must grow up to be strong women.

” If we want them to be able to stand up and speak up for themselves in the face of bullies, sexual opportunists, teacher-female student oppression and other environmental challenges as the girl child is prone to face.

” We at the helpline foundation recognize this and have taken it upon ourselves to bring them out in a forum like this periodically for them to meet with accomplished women from all field to inspire them.”

Meanwhile, the outgoing Speaker of the girls parliament, Cynthia Odoh, urged girl child to be agent of change wherever they find themselves.

While adding that, ” there is a leader in every one of us, do the little you can to bring the change you want.”


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