Greed, Responsible For Fake Prophetic Churches Everywhere, Says Evangelist Nwabunike


Evangelist Sunny Nwabunike Peter is the vision bearer of Warriors of God’s Grace Prayer Outreach. He spoke on his just concluded annual programme in an interview Collins Nkwocha

How did you start your ministry?

What I’m doing is not by choice but by compulsion, I discovered that this is the reason I was created. I am a Catholic by faith, I was a member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal for 25 years. In the quest to evade the call of God, I ran to Mali, basing in Bamako. From there, I explored other countries. I was doing the work of God unknowingly to me in Bamako. I started doing the work of God since 1990,but this ministry is six years, going to seven years. In Mali I went preaching in brothels, I was able to repatriate 123 ladies with my own money.

What actually prompted your coming back to Nigeria?

I started experiencing strange things, remember I’m in a strange land, Mali. People that don’t know me over there in Bamako started coming to me, telling me that God is calling, a native doctor came to me to tell me, an Immam also came to me to tell me the same thing. The height of it was when strange things started happening to my body. At times, I will wake up and discover that one part of my body is not working. I finally decided to come back to Nigeria because nobody can fight his  creator.

Why is the prophetic ministry dominating the end time ministry?

We are in a time that people need solution to there problems, they don’t even care if the man of God is operating with the power of God. That’s why most of these men of God embrace the power of the devil for miracles and signs and wonders. I tell you that God didn’t call them, most of them are in the ministry because of personal gains.The economic situation of the country is also aggravating things.People are looking for signs and miracles. Greed and quest for fame is one of the reasons why there are fake prophetic churches everywhere.

Tell us more about the programme that you are concluding today?

This programme is by revelation, this is on of the programmes that kicked off the ministry. It is supposed to be a three day programme, but because of COVID-19,we made it a one day programme. “When Mercy Speaks” is a programme that God put up to liberate His people.

Can you tell me so notable miracles that have taken place in this ministry?

This ministry is notable for fruitfulness, when this ministry started, the first set of people that God gave me were barren people, I didn’t like it, I asked God why he gave me these people, he told me that he gave them to me because he has given me the ability to deal with there problems. This prompted me to enter into 70 days fasting, God has been really faithful, he has broken 23,15 and 10 years barrenness respectively in this ministry. It doesn’t matter what is responsible for your barrenness, once you come to my ministry, the yoke will be broken.

What are the challenges in the course of the ministry?

It’s not easy to be genuine, being genuine means that you must listen and obey the voice of God.You might want to do something and the spirit of God will tell you to do something else and you must obey.
There was a  day that someone brought 50 thousand naira to me, I was delighted about it, God told me that the money is not mine, he told me to go to a particular hospital, the money belongs to a patient in the hospital. I had to obey the voice of God and do as he has instructed. We get money in this ministry but all the money goes into taking care of the less privileged and the vulnerable. I’m not bothered because I don’t even know how I survive




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