Why Created First Telehealth Portal In Nigeria, Says Doctor


A young medical doctor at Apata Hebron Hospital, Eiyenkorin, Kwara State, Kayode Joseph has created what may be Nigeria’s first tele-health portal that links patients with doctors, pharmacies, diagnostic centers and hospitals.

Called Zoom Hospital, the facility, according to him, is meant to bring health care closer and cheaper to people.

“Patients have instant video consultation with medical service providers and the overall aim is to bring primary health care closer to the people,” he said.

Though there had been online medical consultation portals in the country, Zoom Hospital will be first of its kind because there’s none as yet that gives instant video consultation like it.

“In others you have to book an appointment,” he added.

Dr Joseph however said that the business climate in Nigeria is harsh to business such as this.

” Because it is a new concept. I have to sacrifice to start with my own personal savings of several years and then partner with relevant health service providers like Apata Hebron Medical center,” the physician said.

He listed other challenges as finding competent developers, stable power, undue demands; like a bank asking you to bring 1000 USD before they can open a domiciliary account for you,” he added.


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