CCECC Pledges More Involvement in Nigeria’s Economic Recovery


The Chinese construction giant, China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC) Nigeria Limited has promised to execute Corporate Social Responsibility that would concretely advance the course of Nigeria’s economic recovery and sustainable growth in the near and long run.

The company in its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 2021 Report titled: “Bolstering Confidence and jointly overcoming difficulties”, co-signed by Chairman and Managing Director of CCECC Nigeria Limited, Messrs Jiang Yigao and Zhang Zhinchen respectively, pledged and reiterated its commitment to “contributing to a better Nigeria”.

The 90-page document illustrated the trajectories of the multinational corporation with services covering 108 countries and regions of the world and whose subsidiary in Nigeria was established in 1996.

As the largest construction contractor in Nigeria and even West Africa, CCECC has obtained Grade A qualifications for construction projects of the Nigerian government. The company has launched businesses in 29 out of 36 states across Nigeria covering fields as general contracting, project contracting, project management and consulting services for railways, highways, bridges, municipal projects, housing and water projects respectively.

With Nigeria as a major partner of China’s initiated framework of International Cooperation Belt and Road Initiatives (BRI), featuring Infrastructure connectivity, the CCECC Nigeria Ltd has been in the frontline of executing key projects in Nigeria that give practical expression to The Belt and Road cooperation. Beyond the construction of critical infrastructure projects, CCECC also facilitates projects that enhance local capacity building and industrialization.

The construction of the University of Transportation in Daura, Katsina State, the first of its kind in Africa and the Kajola Rail wagon Assembly plants in Oyo State built-in line with Chinese standard, the first in West Africa, are the company’s commitment to executing Corporate Social Responsibility that would concretely advance the course of Nigeria’s economic recovery and sustainable growth in the near and long run.

Other key milestones of the company in executing its corporate social responsibility include its staunch efforts in the containment and control of the COVID-19 pandemic, through the donation of medical equipment like ventilators and oxygen generators, face masks, sets of protective clothing and other protective gears.

The report stated that the company is committed to “striding with Nigeria”, noting that the CCECC Nigeria Limited enriched a “China-Nigeria community with a shared future,” during the COVID-19 pandemic, insisting that: “The CCECC maintained its tradition of guaranteeing the Rights and Interests of Employees, Nurturing Professionals through a pre-Job training mechanism to quickly Integrate employees to the Company values.”

The report provided insights into the company’s support and engagement with communities where it operates and also outlined elaborate welfare package dispensed to support communities, stressing that it looks forward to a long-term engagement with Nigeria and to continue to share responsibility in the future of Nigeria.


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