God Delivered Me From Impossible, Precarious Situations–Pastor Osa-Daniel


Pastor Solomon Osa-Daniel is the Senior Pastor in charge of Fruitful Vine Area of the Redeemed Christian Church of God ,Ago Palace Way, Okota, Lagos. He spoke on his encounter with Christ as he prepares to celebrate his birthday in an interview with COLLINS NKWOCHA

Please who is Pastor Osa-Daniel?

Pastor Solomon Osa Daniel is highly privileged to be the senior Pastor in charge of Fruitful Vine Area of the Redeemed Christian Church of God,Ago Palace Way, Okota, Lagos. I’m happily married with four children, and I’m proud to enunciate that I’m married to just one wife as the Bible instructed us. I have immense passion for soul winning and I’m also a man of prayer, I vehemently believe in the ability of prayer to move mountains, break barriers,break yokes,bondages and shackles of the devil, deal with any thing contrary to the will and plans of God for our lives.

Looking back can you recount your encounter with Christ, how exactly did you encounter Christ?

Thank you for this lovely question, I encountered Christ the day I least expected it, I never really knew my parents as Christians, but they later became Christians and became fervent ; I was actually going to church without being born again, without any personal encounter with Christ until that memorable and special day. It actually happened in1992, a friend who was a student of University of Lagos invited me to an event on campus, I was very elated and I was determined to utilise the opportunity to enjoy myself. I never really knew that it was a crusade until I got there. When I got there and discovered that it was a church programme, I became cold and lukewarm to everything that was going on because it wasn’t what I wanted. Suddenly, I couldn’t really explain what happened to me, I saw myself crying and repenting of my sinful life, the holy ghost arrested me. When they called for those that want to give their lives to Christ, I was the first to come out. It actually didn’t stop there, when I got home, I kept crying and asking God for mercy, that encounter changed the course of my life and made me what I am today .

Which area of the fivefold ministry do you function?

Pastor Osa-Daniel

We are called pastors in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, but I see myself more as an evangelist because I have immense passion for soul winning because I’m poised to populate the kingdom of God. I also discovered that God gave me the gift of prophecy, deliverance and teaching, despite all these, I still prefer to be called a pastor.

What are your most intriguing moments as a servant of God?

My most intriguing moments are the moments I hear directly from God,having God speak to you is simply awesome and magnificent because it defines the relationship you have with Him, if one does not have a relationship with God, He will certainly not speak to him, it’s the relationship that defines everything. I feel extremely delighted that God speaks through me, people I don’t know, people I have never met before, God will tell me something about them and they will confirm it to be true. It doesn’t even end there, most times, God tells me what to do to solve their problems and when I pray for them, they come back with testimonies, I find it very intriguing and it makes me feel fulfilled as a servant of God.

You will be celebrating your 50th birthday within the next couple of weeks. How would you recount God’s faithfulness?

Thank you very much, I started the ministry at the age of 27,the journey has be tough, rough and challenging, yet the grace of God has been really sufficient. Looking at things retrospectively, l discovered that God did great wonders for me. I’m not even supposed to be alive today, based on the battles that have confronted me in the journey of my life, yet he kept me alive, he kept guiding and protecting me even before I got born again.God delivered me from impossible and precarious situations and made me a notable person in his vineyard, I have every reason to thank him of his unmitigated and absolute faithfulness.

What are the challenges you have faced or you are facing in the course of the ministry?

Challenges are like mountains, they are God’s instruments for our promotions, they are God’s instruments to sharpen us and make us ready to do his work. Money doesn’t stop challenges, change of environment doesn’t stop challenges, you must face them to advance in your journey. Some people come to the church of God, you believe that they are with you, but you don’t know that the devil want to use them to hurt and cause havoc in your ministry. You also have those who come as friends without you knowing that their aim is to spoil the work God has put in your hands. I thank God who has given me the grace to keep the fire burning despite all my challenges.


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