10 Trending Prophetic Churches In Nigeria


Prophetic ministries are spreading like wildfire these days, it is very explicit that the prophetic churches are dominating the end-time ministry. Those that attend orthodox and other category of churches, still look for a way to attach themselves to a prophetic for some personal reasons. COLLINS NKWOCHA presents some trending and notable prophetic ministries in Nigeria where God speaks as in the days of old.

1 INRI EVANGELICAL SPIRITUAL CHURCH primate Ayodele Babatunde is a great seer, his prophecies are so accurate that it is being published yearly, his ministry has given vital solutions to many people, he is a great force to reckon with when you talk of prophetic ministries in Nigeria.


The ministry is headed by Arch.Benjamin Mustapha,he is fondly called AFRICAN MAJOR PROPHET, tqhe result oriented nature of the ministry made people to call the ministry JEHOVAH SHARP SHARP.It is obviously one of the best places to deal with issues of life

3 CHAMPIONS ROYAL ASSEMBLY.This ministry is headed by a great prophet of God,brother Joshua Iginla,his ministry has turned the city of Abuja around,it is one of the best prophetic churches in Nigeria

4​ OMEGA FIRE MINISTRIES; Apostle Johnson Suleman is a man of great with great quality, he has both national and international recognition, he remains one of the influential men of God in Nigeria, his ministry which is in located in Auchi has done a lot for mankind .


The ministry is headed by Bishop Samuel Nwankwo and he posses awesome prophetic and power gift:it is a ministry that God is using to heal different kinds of sicknesses and diseases Daylight Dominion is in Isheri, Lagos. You can contact Bishop Samuel if you have any pressing spiritual need on 08026581323 .

6​ LAND OF GRACE HEALING MINISTRY: The ministry is headed by Bishop Chukwuemeka Odigbo, he is a great man of God with prophetic grace. He just returned from African tour where he went to touch lives; he is fondly called “DE PROPHETIC PILOT”, God have used his ministry to deal with issues and impossible situations, the ministry is located at 5, Land of Grace Avenue, Moshalashi bus stop, Ikotun – Igando road ikotun, Lagos

7 . GREATER LIBERATION CITY :Dr. Chris Okafor is a great man of God, his ministry is one of the leading prophetic ministries in Nigeria. God is using his ministry to deal with issues, his prophetic grace is awesome.

This ministry is obviously one of the latest revelations when you talk of prophetic churches. It has been able to make massive impact within a short period of time. It is headed by Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje also known as ‘Indaboski “,the ministry is in Anambra State.

.This is one of the impact making prophetic churches in lagos, Nigeria.Prophet Chinedu Ifeanyi ,also known as ‘EXPOSE, LIVE’ has been on fire for Christ,setting the captives free and breaking demonic bondages.​The ministry is on of the thriving ministries as God is using to perform a lot of incredible miracles, if you are troubled with issues of life and you need a solution through the power of the Almighty God.
10 GLOBAL RENEWAL FAITH MINISTRY.It is headed by apostle Patrick Ogobuobi,his ministry is known for fervent prayer as God has been using it to liberate his people from the hands and bondages of the devil.


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