Satguru Maharaj Ji Berates Primate Ayodele, Says ‘You’re A Neo-Colonialist’s Agent’


Founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji has described the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele as a serial liar and neo-colonialist being used by oyinbo’s to cause confusion through dangerous Northerners like El-Rufai, Gunmi and others.

This was contained in a press statement through the One Love Family Divine Minister for Information, Ojo Mogbadewa and made available to journalists in Ibadan on Tuesday.

It would be recalled that some weeks ago, the leader of INRI warned that despite having a sellable and respectable aspirants, the Yoruba race may not win the presidency in 2023.

According to Maharaj Ji, “Primate Ayodele is a juju man being used by oyinbo’s to cause confusion through dangerous Northerners like El-Rufai, Gunmi, etc. Late Pastor’s Adewole, T.B Joshua etc, had their times cutshort on earth for being used against the Yoruba and they paid for it with their lives.

“The Creator does not create doubts or anxieties for people but positive instruction is given. Pastor like any other men of God are hedonists trapped in the midst of Ocean Of Maya with the bloodstains of the lives of innocent people being misdirected  to death on one side and the other is feeding fat on people’s ignorance about life. “His downfall is nigh if he fails to tell the people that the Lord is here to give all Divine Knowledge to lift them from poverty accidental deaths and to create abundance to boost the economy. He is a serial liar and neo colonialist.

Maharaj Ji advised Primate Ayodele to desist from hitting the polity with his doomed prophesies.

“He has come again with his doomed prophesies so as not to hit the polity and make Nigerians run helther skelter. This is not the first time he will prophesy and at the end of the day, all his prophesies won’t come to pass.

“It is nauseating that some supposedly sane mortals currently masquerading as men of God, who became Christians just by a stroke of the accident of their births, still live in self-denial of the natural mystic that is blowing and exposing the hypocrisy in the purported salvation after death concept for Christians in the name of Jesus.

“All political and religious leaders who are overtly or covertly hobnobbing with terrorists and  should be sanctioned as enemies of the state and treated as terrorists, since birds of the same feather flock together.

“He also claimed that California will break from the US  and till today California is still part of the United States of America. He also  claimed in his prophecy about earthquake, landslide and earth tremor that will befall Nigeria in 2020, till now, nothing of such has happened.

Maharaj Ji, however, urged the Federal Government to sanction Primate Ayodele to stop dishing out doomed prophesies.


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