Hit And Run Incident: Timaya Tells His Own Side Of Story


Popular singer Timaya has cleared the air on the hit-and-run allegations levelled against him recently and explained why he fled the scene.

The music star explained on his Instagram that he didn’t hit the lady in question.

Rather, he said he only hit the bumper of her car and was open to fixing it until he saw she was in the company of four suspicious-looking guys.

Their look, he said, was what made him run away.

Giving his explanation on the hit and run episode, Timaya said: “When I got back yesterday, I told my people to go back to the hospital to get things under control. So I went to the husband’s house early this morning; they already made a police statement and all that.

“I didn’t even expect it would be like that or whatever. I wanted her number because it was just a bumper issue, the pain I feel she felt was even more than the car or whatever came on.

“How I go hit person run you know? How much is her treatment? It’s not about that it’s beyond money. It’s the act, why I go run when I saw four guys coming towards my car I gat stick out.

“And again, what I was even avoiding was coming down putting me on social media and I still went on social media las las but it’s all good mehn.




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