Mobolaji Bank Anthony Estate: Family Disassociates Self From Queen Irene Cole


The last has not been heard about the tussle over the estates of the renowned philanthropist; Sir Mobolaji Bank Anthony as the family has publicly disowned Queen Irene Cole, a self styled “Executive Trustee” of the multi billion dollar estate.

Recently, Cole who reportedIy lived for many years in the United States of America organised a press conference where she told the media that as an ‘executive trustee’ of the late Bank Anthony’s Estate, she was collaborating with the late philanthropist’s family to recover the estate worth over $50 billion from some Banks and Registrars whom she alleged had connived to deprive the statutory beneficiaries of the Will of their entitlement.

Grandson of Bank Anthony

However, at a press conference on Thursday at Mike Okiro Press Centre, Ikeja Lagos, the Mobolaji Bank Anthony family said that “Queen Irene Cole and her cohorts are not known to the family and was acting on her own.”
According to Mr. Babatunde Bank-Anthony, a grandson of Bank-Anthony who spoke with journalists on zoom from London, “Sir Mobolaji Bank Anthony at the time of his death in 1991 left a clear and comprehensive last Will and Testament which depicted his last wishes.
” His last Will & Testament stated that his Estate be governed and run by a list of his chosen trustees. This list did not include anyone named Queen Irene Cole neither did it include some of her partners.
“Queen Irene Cole and her cohorts who, we as a family do not know, have spent the last couple of years attempting to insert themselves in the Estate and properties of the late Sir Mobolaji Bank Anthony.
” Queen Cole has continually claimed her relationship to the Bank Anthony family and has through various methods obtained a court judgement which is presently challenged by the family and the trustees of the Estate.
“It has been brought to our notice that Queen Irene Cole and some of her partners have been using this court judgement in an attempt to access Estate funds and engage with property developers.
“We, the family are using this medium to inform everyone that Queen Irene Cole does not have the permission or the authority to represent the Bank Anthony family and anyone who enters into any business transaction with her in regards to the Bank Anthony Estate does so at their own peril,” he warned.
Explaining further, Babatunde Bank Anthony who was joined via zoom at the conference by the last daughter of the philanthropist Bolaji Bank Anthony said all the press conferences organised by Queen Irene Cole in respect of Bank Anthony Estate were full of fallacies and misleading to the members of the public.
He cited a newspaper publication in which Queen Irene Cole claimed to be a Godmother of a beneficiary, adding that Funmiade Bank-Anthony who has been associating with Cole is though a grandchild of Mobolaji Bank Anthony but not a statutory beneficiary from the Will.
Clarifying the issue further, another grandson; Mr. Mohammed Abubakar Akintunde told journalists that Cole is a Godmother to Funmiade.
He explained that some time in 2020, Cole had invited him and Funmiade to Sheraton Hotels during which both of them were persuaded to accept becoming Trustees to their late grand father’s Esthile Funmiade consented to the request, Akintunde rejected it with the contention that such proposal could not fly without the consent of Mobolaji Bank Anthony’s children and larger family.
According to him, Cole later procured a Lagos High Court document purporting him as one of the Trustees of the late Bank Anthony’s Estate all in an attempt to have access to the Estate’s accounts. Akintunde was later to disclaim his inclusion when Bank Anthony’s family took the matter to court.
In the disclaimer dated 30th September, 2020 (copies of which were made available to the press) Akintunde expressly stated that he was not aware of the fraudulent act saying that “I should become the new said trustee of the estate.
“I am a law abiding citizen of Nigeria and also one of the grandsons of the late p


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