Insecurity: Sack Service Chiefs, Military High Command Immediately, Fani Kayode Tells Buhari

Service Chiefs

Chief Femi Fani Kayode, former aviation minister,  has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to sack all the Service Chiefs and Military High Command due to the spate of security challenges bedevilling the country.

In a statement on Sunday, Fani Kayode expressed dismay over the way and manner thousands of civilians have been kidnapped, butchered and subjected to the most horrendous acts of evil and violence by the numerous terrorist organisations that have invaded and plagued the country.
Fani Kayode appealed in his response to a press statement by Defence Headquarters over his video wherein he called out the military high command for underperformance.
“We are not under a military dictatorship and the Military High Command or Defence Headquarters who speak for them cannot silence us or expect us to remain silent when they get things wrong.
“I believe that if they had any honour and integrity they would have resigned for their abysmal performance rather than spitting in the wind, beating their chests and pretending that all is well.
“Given the fact that they have refused to do this, I once again call on President Muhammadu Buhari, as I did in my video, to retire them and appoint Service Chiefs that can do the job properly and meet the expectations of Nigerians.
“For this, I offer no apology and I stand by everything that I said in that video including the assertion that the leadership and rank and file of the DSS, NIA and NPF have continued to give the necessary intelligence, confront and tackle the terrorists and do their job as best as they can but the Military High Command have not.
“Others may be intimidated and compelled to remain silent but I will not.
“Numerous Governors, including the Governor of Zamfara state, have publicly and privately called for Nigerians to arm themselves whilst others, like the Governors of Kaduna state and Niger state, have called for greater efforts on the part of the military to seek out, uproot and confront the terrorists.
“Other Governors, like the Governor of Ondo state and indeed ALL the Governors of the South West, have gone as far as to demand that the states and zones have their armed militias and police because you have not been able to protect the people.
“Such is the level of angst and anger in the land and it is essentially a referendum on your performance.
“If all was well, not one of these respected individuals or anyone else have cause to complain or demand more from you.
“Instead of rectifying the situation, the only thing you can do is issue a press statement telling me not to complain? FFK queried.
“Either way I have NO respect for the leadership of the Armed Forces as presently constituted and neither am I compelled to do so by decency, morality, the constitution or the law.
“The truth is that I am disgusted by their poor performance and utterly ashamed of their shameless impunity.
“A citizen complains about the fact that our people are being killed and instead of showing remorse for the dereliction of their duty they are spending their time issuing puerile, infantile and meaningless press statements and trying to rationalise their recurrent and consistent failures”.
“I would advise strongly that the military high Command and Defence Headquarters spend time facing up to and fighting the terrorists that have turned our nation into a functional killing field and horrendous bloodbath and abattoir over the last few years and attempt to carry out their constitutional role of protecting us from enemies within and without rather than trying to engage me in a press war or cow me into silence”.


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