CD Calls For Rescue Of Stranded Mother Of Two In Libya


A leading human rights organisation, Campaign for Democracy (CD) has called on the Embassy of Nigeria in Libya too, as a matter of urgency, to rescue a Nigerian lady, Bosede Gbeje, ferried to the country by human traffickers ostensibly for greener pastures.

In a letter signed by Pastor Ifeanyi Odili, the General Secretary of the Nigeria-based human rrightsorganization disclosed that the 24-year-old mother of two was trapped in an unknown location in Libya where she had contacted her family on the telephone.

In the letter dated July 15, 2022, and addressed to the Nigerian Ambassador to Libya, the Embassy of Nigeria, Shara Narjis, Hai Al-zuzor, Libya, the organization alleged that the mother of two was deceived and taken to Libya with a promise to get her a job.

But, according to CD, the lay is stranded and suffering from physical and psychological trauma, seeking freedom from the captivity of those who took her to the country.

The letter entitled: “Human/Person’s Trafficking,” reads in parts: “We recognize Nigerian Embassy in Libya in its efforts at ensuring that no Nigerian is trapped, stranded or subjected to inhuman treatment, degradation and servitude in Libya.

“Consequently, under the United Nations Declaration on Human and people’s rights, and that of the African Charter on human and people’s, of which Nigeria is a member state, with all sense of humility, we write to formally report that there is a Nigerian Lady Bosede Gbeje 24 years old who is being trapped in Libya and we humbly request her repatriation back to Nigeria.

“She was unlawfully coerced and transported by land to Libya, leaving her two children with her husband in Nigeria. The parents of Bosede Gbeje have since been in serious physical and psychological trauma since the departure of her daughter to Libya.

“Knowing fully well that Nigerian mission in Libya has made it a priority to ensure that no Nigerian is left stranded in Libya or subjected to inhuman treatment.

Bosesde Gbeje is an irregular migrant or a victim of human trafficking who was cajoled into the dangerous journey in search of greener pasture in Libya.

“The address of where Bosede is being housed in Libya has not been made available to us, but we have three numbers they have used in communicating with us from Libya before now and they are thus listed: +218917557628 user’s name: Essema; +218922239831 user’s name: Gafar; +218944152157. These names were displayed on phone via true caller apps.

“We have written to National Agency for The Prohibition Of Human Trafficking In Persons (NAPTIP) state coordinator in Ondo State, the state where Bosede was said to have left illegally to also expedite action.

“We consider it safe for Bosede, to send this letter of appeal to Your Excellency to use your good office to effect her deportation back to Nigeria.

We shall be very grateful for your prompt action.”

However, the Government of National Unity, Libya and the State Coordinator, NAPTIP, Ondo State were copied in the letter.


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