Mykmary House Builds Capacity In Nigeria’s Fashion Industry


Capacity building and training is the bedrock of any industry or sector in the country, fashion included.

Training ensures the growth of the industry and there has been need to have trained individuals manning the fashion industry to avoid quackery and mediocrity.
Having seen this gap in the Nigerian fashion industry, Mykmary Fashion House Limited, an indigenous fashion house in Nigeria with years of experience in capacity building and training is calling on Nigerians to register for 2022 fashion training program.

Speaking on the training and capacity, Micheal Onyemah, the founder and chief executive of Mykmary Fashion House Limited said “we have been known to have made tremendous Strides in the Nigerian fashion ecosystem, these Strides and footprints include our products and shows in the industry.
“We are bringing to the bare these experiences and we will want to cascade it to the lives of Nigerians via training and capacity building.

” We have seasoned people that will handle these with years of experience in fashion design, marketing, and digital marketing and access to market. In a world that is increasingly going digital and virtual, it is is pertinent that we have to incorporate digital marketing, social media skills and other sift skills apart from the normal fashion design. We are taking it to a new level and we encourage that Nigerians key into this world of possibilities. ”

One of the greatest need of man is clothing after food and accommodation. Fashion industry is very inpiryant, valued in billions of Nigeria, we can’t have the Nigerian fashion ecosystem in the hands of charlatans and mediocres.
Many countries of the world such as Italy, Spain, Bangladesh India and so many countries of the world have their foreign exchange and income via fashion and the need to have properly trained individuals manning this industry is imperative and that is the mission of Mykmary Fashion House Limited.

Do you want to run a fashion business that can fund your desired lifestyle? Are you worried about finding new customer’s for your fashion business? Do you find it difficult to depend on your staff in your absence?

Incase you might be worried, not knowing where to get customers?The Solution You Seek For Your Fashion Business Is here. in MYKMARY Fashion House Limited.

We have First-class package awaits… Facilitation, Mentoring programs, Acceleration, Business Plans/Analysis

Mykmary Fashion House Limited has been said that Nigerians should visit their website and fill in the forms that will require them being part of the training program.

Mykmary Fashion Event is coming up soon this August 2022. It’s an annual fashion show suitable for all to showcase and learn the advance fashions.

The event is slated to commence at Bespoke Centre, Chisco Bus Stop, Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria, on 27th August, 2022.Red carpet start by 3PM while the main event start by 4PM.


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