PEBEC Hosts MSMEs, Reforms Champions To Mark Independence Celebration

Dr. Oduwole
  • Unveils Q4 Programmes
Dr. Jumoke Oduwole,  Special Advisor to the President, on the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC), otherwise known as Ease of Doing Business, has announced plans to treat Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) relevant government agencies’ officials, helping in the policies delivery of the organisation, and indeed the general public to a play titled: “The Future is here”, come 1st and 2nd of October,  as part of Independence celebration.
Dr. Oduwole made the disclosure at a press briefing in Abuja stating that the play which comes in two segments,  each day is meant to appreciate all who have contributed in delivering the reforms so far accomplished in the ease of doing business interventions.
“The Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council was launched in 2016 and they have been working for the last six years on enabling reform environment across the country. Ease of doing business, now, in six years period we have done quite a number of reforms for small and medium enterprises, and men and women who have helped deliver these reforms are non-other than our public and civil servants across Ministries, Departments and Agencies, at all arms and levels of government. So we have both federal government agencies, we work with state governments, and Local Governments, we also work with all arms of government, we work with National Assembly and the Judiciary.
“As we all know Nigeria’s Independence is 1st of October, and this year, to celebrate Independence Day, PEBEC is staging a play production, on the 1st and 2nd of October. We have four shows, two on the 1st and two on the 2nd. And the reason why we are doing this is that we feel it is important to celebrate men and women who have delivered the reforms we have been able to accomplish so far in the ease of doing business interventions.
“We also want to celebrate our indefatigable entrepreneurs, the MSMEs, who had been working tirelessly to make a living and etch their living through entrepreneurship across the country,” she said.
Oduwole, who briefed members of the press in the company of Mr. Ayokunnu Ojeniyi, the Project Manager of EBES, noted that the PEBEC Play is a gamut of business reforms designed to create awareness, further communicate and engage our target audience in celebration of Nigeria’s Independence Day.
“The future is here focuses on the narrative of a future that we can collaboratively create, A future riding on Government’s reforms, The future of our dream! This future that we seek!
 “The future where Government numerous
 reforms smile at everyone; A future with no artificial barricade; A future where everyone can do business with ease A future built by the strength of our hands and by the resolve of the collective will of the people! One people one nation Handmaids of God’s creation the future is here!
“The future is here is an excellent musical that creates awareness for Governments reforms to create an enabling environment for MSMEs and the resolve of the people, a new tribe to do what is right” she added.
The PEBEC boss also unveiled activities lined up for the fourth quarter of 2022 including the 2nd PEBEC Report which would take place in mid-October and the PEBEC performance Award for December 1, 2022.


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