2023: APC Have Nothing To Offer Nigerians, They Brought Us Here, Says Prof Alkali

Kwakwanso at the middle with other party faithful
  • NNPP Still Ready To Work With Any Group For Peace Of Nigeria

National Chairman of the New Nigeria Peoples Party,  Prof. Rufai Alkali has declared that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is not jittery ahead of the 2023 general election,hence the lies and propaganda bandied by leaders of the party that Alhaji Rabiu Kwankwaso is working for the APC.

Addressing journalists during a chat at the weekend, Prof Alkali said the APC is aware of the political strength of Kwankwaso to mobilize votes across the country and believes, erroneously that the only way the retain power is to poach the NNPP presidential candidate.

He said the ruling party is jittery because it has nothing concrete to show Nigerians for its eight years hold on power, pointing out that all aspects of Nigerian national live ranging from economy, security, national cohesion etc are all showing red.

According to him, APC cannot face Nigerians in 2023 talkess of seeking their support for a return to office.

Asked to confirm insinuating remarks by some leaders of the ruling on the likelihood of pack between NNPP and APC, Prof Alkali dismissed the possibility

“APC has always thrived on propaganda, they believe they can get anything based by”wayo”. They know that the candidate of our party have states he can move in and mobilize support across the country. They felt that the only way they can deal with the issue that left the country in this way is by poaching. They thought they can poach Kwankwaso, our presidential candidate. Unfortunately we have done our convention and we have a presidential candidate. Therefore APC should come out with something solid, to explain to Nigerians what it has done in the past seven years.”

He maintained that manipulative antics of the ruling party cannot work this time stressing that the indices of failing is so staggering to be papered by propaganda and cheap lies.

Brandishing documents on an alleged shoddy performance of APC including a state by state records of deaths and kiling by terror groups under APC watch, the NNPC chief accused the APC of suprinteding over the massive destruction of the country.

Aside from the deaths which is a huge loss to the country, it is the massive destruction of the economy and society under the APC, Massive demographic movement, people cannot go to school because of fear, I tell you this (document) is a tip of the iceberg,I tell you ” he stated, vowing to expose the ruling party more when campaign starts .

Prof Alkali seized the opportunity to give insight into the failed alliance with Labour Party, stating that NNPP is steal desirous of working with any group that will bring lasting peace to the country.

According to him it was Labour Party that announced that the talks between them have broken down adding that NNPP did not castigate Labour Party over the issues in dispute.

“From what we heard, including from some of our members who were participants, what happened was that Labour Party said they wanted our leader Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso to concede presidency to them. That was the only item on the agenda, that’s one-item agenda, no option-option. That Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso should step down as a presidential candidate of the NNPP and surrender that to Peter Obi.

” That is only one item for the eight hours they met. There was no other thing discussed. In fact, one of the Labour Party members said to us: “We concede that Kwankwaso is a good man, we concede that he’s a strongman, we concede that he is a very popular man but really this is the time of the Southeast, you just give us that seat”. I’m telling you the truth because I’m not going to condemn Peter Obi, I have high respect for him, the party has high respect for him but this is the first time we are opening up on this matter. So you could see it’s one item agenda, no option-option.

“Secondly, immediately the conversation started, they put it in social media. Normally, when you are negotiating, you also allow the process to continue to reach a point of maturity then you can sit down jointly and issue a statement, whether you agree or you don’t agree and then take a decision and tell the Nigerian people that this is what is going to happen. But no. Even before some of us party leaders knew what was happening, already the social media was agog that there negotiations between NNPP and the Labour Party and I thought this is not the way to drive a system in this country if you want to get the best out of it.

“Normally if you have a negotiation on the commitment to the future of our country, it’s not going to be that it’s broken down, it can be stalemated, you can also allow discussions to continue until such a time when every partner in the negotiation gets win-win or non-lose situation. Again it was the Labour party which formerly announced to the press that negotiations broke down on 17th of June 2022, we didn’t say anything. So if somebody is the one beating the drum, he’s the one who is dancing and he’s the one saying that both the music and the dance are not nice.

“That’s why you see that NNPP is a very serious political party. We have respect for our leaders. I had the privilege to work with Peter Obi, very closely, I know he is also an achiever. I believe Labour Party, yes, it has its own issues, it’s also a political party in the ranking. But technically speaking, the basis for these discussions have not been given the opportunity to mature so that Nigerians can benefit.

“And again remember after the announcement that the discussions have broken down, still the party did not issue a statement either to castigate NNPP or castigate Labour party. Still NNPP is desirous of working with anybody who is desirous of bringing lasting peace in this country”.


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