Asari Dokubo Warned To Stop Challenging Tompolo Over Pipeline Surveillance Contract

Tompolo and Dokubo

Former Niger Delta militant, Asari Dokubo has been called to stop heating the media space over Chief Tompolo Ekpemupolo’s pipeline surveillance contract as he has also benefited from Federal Government contracts more than what has been given to his fellow Niger Delta Comrade.

The Riverine Peace Initiative in Niger Delta (RPIND) President, Comrade Toluwa Mulade in a statement made available to newsmen in Benin condemned what he described as an “unwarranted fight against Tompolo Ekpemupolo by Dokubo, saying that it is an abomination to fight a brother in the public for a matter that can be settled in the house.

According to him, despite Asari Dokubo being a Kalabari, he is a brother to Chief Tompolo Ekpemupolo and should see whatever was given to him as a good development in the Niger Delta region.

“Asari Dokunbo should iron out issues with his brother in a closed-door than coming to the public to say things that are not befitting for a person of his caliber and status.

“It is high time for Niger Deltans to reunite and remain strong. Fighting ourselves will not only denigrate us before our collective enemies who might leverage such lapses and divide us the more.

“We as peace Initiative organisations in Niger Delta know the prize we paid to ensure there is peace in Niger Delta and we would not allow it to be truncated by anyone,” he said.

The statement further stated that Tompolo Ekpemupolo was not the only individual such contract was given as other notable traditional rulers in Niger Delta also had bigger contracts worth more than what was given to Tompolo by the FG.

Mulade however appealed to the traditional rulers to ensure that everybody is carried along in anything that would foster peace and development in the oil-rich region, especially the Riverine Peace Initiative, a Peace organisation that has been so concerned about peace in Niger Delta.

“The Riverine Peace Initiative in Niger Delta has been a frontline to ensure there is peace in Niger Delta, we should also be carried along in the pipeline surveillance protection because we have contributed and still contributing to the development of Niger Delta,” he said

He reminded Chief Tompolo Ekpemupolo of the need to carry everybody along in the execution of the project to sustain the peace that had been achieved over the years in the Niger Delta.

On the argument of the highest oil producing areas in Niger Delta, Mulade said, it is not only Kalabari. Yes, Kalabari is one of them but Isoko is the highest. I am appealing to Chief Tompolo to carry everybody along in the execution of the project.

“I appeal to Niger Delta stakeholders to focus more on the plight of our youths due to bad leadership in government. A lot of rots are going on which nobody is talking about and I think these issues of awarding the N4 billion contract to Tompolo is just a distraction as far as we are consigned.

“The contract has already been given, so Niger Delta leaders should work with Tompolo to achieve successful implementation of the contract” Mulade declared.



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