2023: FCT Indigenes To Presidential Aspirants: Sign Charter Of Demand If You Want Our Votes


Ahead of the 2023 elections, Presidential aspirants and other contestants have been warned to be wary of people posing as representatives of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) indigenes, claiming that the only candidate who will receive votes from FCT original inhabitants is one who will sign a charter of demand with them.

This revelation was made by Comrade Isaac David, President of the Original Abuja Inhabitant Youth Empowerment Organisation (AIYEO), who stated that some politicians presenting themselves as the sole representative who will canvass votes from FCT indigenes to win the 2023 presidential election do not bode well for FCT people and Nigerians but to satisfy their selfish desires.

The youth leader maintained that he was in a privileged position to know better, and will reveal their identities at the appropriate time so that FCT indigenes and Nigerians can use their votes to reject their candidates.

In a statement he personally signed and made available to newsmen in Abuja, he stated that “We can only support and vote for a candidate who will come down to our community and meet one on one with us and properly sign a Charter of Demand. And we will go ahead and mobilise our people for the candidate.

“Original inhabitants of FCT will not vote for any aspirant who will not come down to our level and know our challenges and sign our Charter of Demands. We will not discuss with any representative of any candidate of any political party. We will only mobilise and vote for a candidate who has thoroughly discussed with us and has been cleared by our people.

“Some other people are busy, putting themselves together on how they will take over leadership in Nigeria and other people have already deceived some aspirants that they will deliver our people‘s votes and that is not possible at all.

“I’m privileged to know and at the appropriate time, I’ll tell you who these people are. You need to know what is happening in FCT. Forget about all these people running around saying they will deliver the entire FCT votes. We know our people and our people know us. Let them remember what happened in the recent FCT area councils’ election our people only voted for the candidate that we all agreed for. Just watch to see what is going to happen next.

“All of us should be calm concerning what is happening right now in FCT. In fact, nothing has happened yet. But by the grace of God, something will happen.”

Comrade David pointed out that until a documented Charted of Demand is signed and sealed by aspirants themselves and any aspirants’ campaign DG or representatives of some sort.

The youth leader stated that despite such negative moves by some desperate politicians, his leadership has not relented in offering good empowerment opportunities to strengthen the relationship with the people of FCT and government and institutions.

“Look at us concentrating on giving our people good opportunities and good governance. What is good governance? Good governance is making the people happy. Good governance is providing infrastructure for the people. Good governance is not about party. Providing good governance is about leadership.

Comrade David noted how difficult it will be for seasonal politicians who have never done anything to better the lot of the FCT electorate to come to them and solicit their votes.



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