Edo Cultural Association Successfully Register 140 Nigerians For NIN In Massachusett


Edo Cultural Association in Massachusetts, United States, has successfully registered 140 Nigerians for the National Identity Number (NIN).

An online newspaper, saharareporters in its report alleged that the organiser had turned the exercise which ought to be free to merchandise, charging the sum of $70 for the registration.

Speaking on the exercise which ended on Sunday 18th September 2022, the contacted person for the Association said they were able to register 102 persons online about 38 others did work and all were successfully attended to, fingerprinted, and captured their photos.

He added that about eight of the registrants came from three neighbouring states of New York, Connecticut, and Rhonda Island.

“They were indeed very appreciative and thanked us for the great job and gestures showed them. Many aged men and women that came Poured out their hearts of thanksgiving and prayers for the coordinator in particular.

“The vendor ‘Knowledge Square LLC” did excellently well as their professionalism was seen and commended by registrants.

“Indeed, the exercise was a huge success and the registrants were very happy not just because of the prestigious hotel where the registration was done, but for the fact that they were attended to at their scheduled time and the orderliness with which the coordinator/the contact person handled everything,” he said.

The contact person also added that the government-approved agency that handled the registration in Boston said they were amazed to see such an effective and capable Cultural Association as the Edo Cultural Association and praised her for their good job of elevating the Nigerians in Massachusetts from the pains, stress, time and money by having it done so easily and cheaply.”


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