Land Grabbing: Oregbe Commends Obaseki, Insists On Rule Of Law

Gov Obaseki

The Coordinator, Edo State Tricycle and Motorcycle Riders Association, (ANNEWATT), Comrade Omorodion Oregbe has commended the Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State for the decisive steps taken so far to recover government lands and the determined onslaught against land grabbing in the state.

Speaking in his office in Benin on his personal experience in the state, Comrade Oregbe described land grabbing and its perpetrators as the evil that has prevailed over the progress of Edo people and the state in general.

“I give thanks to the Governor and his Royal Majesty, Oba Ewuare ll for putting an end to the Community Development Associations (CDAs) which came under another name to continue from where the CDAs stopped. What is the business of the Okaighale and Ohen in the sale of land?

The spiritual function of the community rests on the Ohen and they have no business in the sale of lands.  Sales and allocation of lands are the responsibility of the Duke or Odionwere.”

Narrating his experience, Comrade Oregbe said all efforts to recover his burrow pit yielded no result as the authorities who were supposed to ensure justice was served in the matter became those that ensured that justice never prevailed.

“The security agencies that were involved in the matter couldn’t do anything. Even the petition I channeled to the palace of the Oba of Benin did not yield a result.  The traditional court has compromised and is not doing what it ought to do.”

While insisting that persons found culpable under the law should be prosecuted, Comrade Oregbe wondered why anyone has not been prosecuted under the law all this time.

In his reaction to the subsequent arrest of twenty-two (22) suspected land grabbers by the Edo State Police Command, Comrade Oregbe commended Mr. Obaseki, for recovering the 1229 hectares of government land, encroached upon by land grabbers in Irhirhi-Obazagbon-Ogheghe Road axis and reiterated that all culpable persons must face the law of the land.

“Many have lost their money and lives due to the activities of land grabbers. Potential investors have driven away from the state because of the lingering issue of illegal land sales and land grabbing in the state. Edo people are not helping issues because of their questions for quick wealth.”

It would be recalled that Mr. Obaseki had earlier declared and advised: “We now have a detachment of the Special Forces that will work closely with the State government to arrest the incidence of illegal land sales and land grabbing over the next few months.

“For those who collected land illegally, especially government land, like public schools lands, they had better move out because, with this Special Force, we are going to those communities to recover the property and prosecute the people involved,” the Governor warned.


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