2023: Nigerians Reject Presidency By Proxy, Obi’s Aide Insists

Peter Obi

Following what could be described as a verbal outburst by the Campaign Spokesman of the APC, Festus Keyamo, challenging the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi, to let his son organise a successful campaign rally in his State, Anambra, akin to what APC flag bearer’s son, Seyi Tinubu, did for his Dad in Lagos, the Media Aide to Mr. Peter Obi, Mr. Valentine Obienyem, has described it as typical of Tinubu’s spokesmen.

The release signed by Mr. Valentine Obienyem says that “the attack dog forgot to differentiate the two sons and their fathers. The only thing that joins Obi and Tinubu is that they were once governors of states in Nigeria.

After that one became a parasite to the state government he served with his entire family, while the other left the government, and he and any members of his family never collected a dime from Anambra state. This assertion is verifiable for Keyamo and his other hirelings.”

He continued, “Unlike Tinubu and his household who have grown to be stupendously wealthy with no identifiable industry or money-making ventures outside the state government for over two decades, Obi left behind for the State, a whopping N75 billion after 8 years of meritorious service to the State.

“If Keyamo had taken time to study the family he speaks for, he would have avoided this comparison that is bound to expose the parasitic life of his Principal and show Nigerians why the entire household is going headlong in the campaign.

Obienyem noted that by their various actions concerning the 2023 elections, the wife, daughter and son of Chief Bola Tinubu were struggling to “keep their family business alive, having cornered the commonwealth of Lagos State, which they now run as a family enterprise.

Unlike Tinubu, Obienyem noted that Obi’s family is not part of his politics, as they are busy running their lives, and contributing to the development of the nation, without nearing public funds.

Obienyem enjoined Nigerians to demand that candidates, not their wives, sons, or daughters should address issues with respect to the coming elections as they are the ones seeking the peoples’ votes and should be scrutinized by the people.

“As the most populous black nation, Nigeria has gone past the level of being ruled by proxy. Candidates vying for different political positions must constructively engage Nigerians on issues germane to national development and not engage spokespersons or family members to interact with Nigerians,” he concluded.


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