Obiwon Returns With New Music


Come November 10, Nigerian singer, Obiwon will be breaking his three years hiatus by putting out a new single ‘Conqueror’. In a post on Instagram, the ‘Obi mu o’ singer noted that his last album was six years ago while his last song was released three years ago.

The singer, who said he didn’t plan or foresee this hiatus revealed that he had a choice to end the break sooner but he’s glad he didn’t. “I’m grateful for the Grace to be in humble obedience to the Owner of the gift. In this period I’ve discovered myself beyond my gift and what I do. I am not my gift and I am not what I do. I’ve discovered levels of faith and the faithfulness of the Owner of the gift, the calling and the assignment.

“He has stripped me of all my natural calculations of how I think, He should sustain me. He has decapitated that pressure to be accepted, invited, or to sound a certain way that isn’t really who I am or how He made me, in order to be deemed ‘relevant.’

“He has taught me ministry beyond the stage and His approval beyond the applause. He has caged the desire to manifest before my time or to work out His amazing promises to me by my own means and in my own strength,” he wrote.

Obiwon, who is now a gospel artiste, further stated that during the break, he learned purpose beyond personal ambition, demolished his worries and occasional anxiety about his age, and pace his walk with God in the unforced rhythms of Grace.

“Of course, nothing this good and liberating comes painless, but I’m much better for it, finding the true joy and true fulfillment that comes only from the daily assurance of His presence by His Spirit. These experiences I have captured in my new sound as I begin to step out again,” he said.



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