Action Alliance Party To Leverage On Abundance Gas Reserve To Develop Rivers If Elected


Action Alliance (AA) Governorship candidate in Rivers State, Dr. Dewari George has promised to leverage the abundance of the gas reserves to develop all facets of the state and create massive job opportunities for the teeming population of youths.

George said he would also make peacebuilding the centre point of his developmental agenda in the state if elected the next governor in the 2023 general elections.

Lamenting the spate of insecurity in Rivers State, Davari George promised to deploy new technology and create massive job opportunities in tackling crime and criminality in the state.

He stated this during the inauguration of the party’s campaign organisation and campaign flag-off in Port Harcourt, the state capital.

The Action Alliance candidate said the campaign of the AA would be issue-based and people-centred get their buy-in, to a sense of belonging and hope of a better deal as the election beckons.

“Our message is to give Rivers people a message of hope. A message of a safe and prosperous Rivers State. In everything we do, in every sector of the economy of Rivers State, our agenda is to ensure that in the end, Rivers State is not only safe but that the State is also prosperous.  So, the deliverables are there. The first one is on the issue of security. We will develop a security architecture that is anchored on technology.

“And that every activity, whether from traditional to community policing to problem-solving policing, everything will be anchored around the people and driven by technology.  We will also work out modalities to create jobs for our youths.

“We are not ready for frivolities. We will not condone toxic communication. Any act in our engagement that will offend the sensibilities of the people we said we want to lead, we will avoid it.

“For a long time Rivers, people have gone through a lot of these kinds of poor and negative public engagement by political actors in the state. We do not intend to perpetuate it. Rather, we want to be the agent that will put an end to the toxic style of communication in Rivers State.”

Dr George who is a former Commissioner for Energy and Natural Resources in the state said a government led by the AA will enthrone a new political culture in the state, where political actors will not just talk because they read it from a book or copied it somewhere.

“They (political contenders) should be able to engage the people and let the people also engage them, and be able to say whether this your idea will work or not.  Remember that when we get into the office the money we will use to run these programmes that we have proposed is not our money. It is the people’s money.

“So, the people must have a say on how you use their money. You can’t because you are governor, you are a commissioner or you are in the State House of Assembly, say you have a monopoly of knowledge or that you know more than the beneficiaries of whatever developmental agenda you are proposing. We will not do that,” he said.

He also promised a tech economy to advance the creative abilities of team Rivers youths who are hindered by the dearth of tech infrastructure in the state.

The former House of Representatives member also promised passive investment in education, health, agriculture, and human capital development across the state to create jobs for the people, said these will help engage the youths meaningfully, thereby checking crime.


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