2023: We Will Review Conference Reports Of 2005, 2014 To Address Prevailing Security Challenges, If We Win–PRP

  • Will Institutionalise State Police, Revamp Economy Within Months, Others

As politicians gear up to clinch power at various leadership positions in 2023, the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) has said one of its first tasks of governance would be to review the political conference reports of 2005 and 2014.

The party in its manifesto released to Nigerians, reeling out its blueprint for governance, if fortunate to clinch power at the federal and state levels, said solutions to the prevailing insecurity challenges are embedded in the reports of the 2005 National Political Reform Conference and the National Conference of 2014.

According to the party’s manifesto, there exist recommendations on the national security architecture and management with the reforms needed in the various security bodies.

It noted that within a year of a PRP Government it would set up a Committee of experts to review the reports of the two conferences on which a lot of human and materials resources have been expanded to prepare Executive Bills to be forwarded to the National Assembly and the State Assemblies of its States for assent
and implementation.

The party said it would restructure Nigeria’s security architecture to reflect the current security realities; including decentralization of the Nigerian Police, to create room for a federal police system with clearly spelt out functions, State Police with its clearly defined functions to be established, funded and controlled by the state and Community Policy at both Local Government and District Head levels that would also have their clearly defined functions to be funded jointly by States and Local Governments.

“We would ensure we provide adequate training and equipping of the police for effective internal security management,” the manifesto stated.

On the economic front, PRP said it has mapped out a robust economic blueprint that would waste no time in revamping the negative trajectory bedevilling the country.

According to the Party’s manifesto, for the economy to be revamped and made to have meaningful growth to benefit the ordinary Nigerians that constitute over 95% of Nigeria’s population, we would ensure the effective taming of corruption, not only dealing with the corrupt but as important structurally doing away with the corruption in the system by recovery of all ill-gotten wealth earned or acquired from past corrupt activities of all actors at all levels using current institutions such as the Nigeria Police and EFCC bring other
legal measures that will ensure recovery of ill-gotten wealth

“For us, if we have the grace to ascend power in 2023, we will ensure we structurally weed the economy of corruption by ensuring that all contracts awarded at all levels of Government: Federal, State and Local Governments are given through competitive bidding and at rates equal to what obtains Internationally contrary to current practices of contracts being awarded at the highest rates in the world.

“All employees of Government indicted of any corrupt practices irrespective of amounts involved must first be suspended from their duty posts until their innocence is established, and all convicted corrupt officials should not only serve punishments given them by the Courts/Tribunals but must lose assets acquired through corruption and are publically disgraced in their Local Communities,” the PRP stated in its manifesto made available to reporters on Tuesday in Abuja.

The party equally vowed to erase the embarrassing figure of out-of-school children estimated at over 10 million using strategic and coordinated approaches in the educational system.

It equally vowed to make its impact felt in the agricultural sector, infrastructural development, and instituting a functional federal system of government among other areas of concern to Nigerians.

“The Six (6) Points Agenda of the PRP Government if given a chance to rule Nigeria and these programs which will bring security to the nation, make Agriculture an economically viable activity, stop the haemorrhage in the nation’s economy and grow same for the benefit of the Nigerian population and not the Nigerian elite; improve the educational and human development needs of the Nation and address the over 10 million out of school children that can’t be wished away.

“To make Nigeria a freely Federal nation; and grow the extraction industry to benefit all Nigerians would be pursued vigorously by all PRP governments at all levels. These would be done without prejudice to the continued development of infrastructure and the health of the nation. PRP in Government would ensure that all infrastructural projects are not abandoned and the health of the citizenry is looked into holistically,” PRP noted.



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