Things To Consider During The Yuletide

Christmas and New Year interior decoration. Green tree decorated with toys, gifts, present boxes, flashing garland, illuminated lamps. Fireplace and xmas tree. Cozy Christmas atmosphere

The festive holidays are here. It’s a time of merriment and celebration. It is also a period whereby we manage the expectations of family and friends concerning gift sizes, attending events with people we don’t necessarily want to be around, or overeating and feeling heavy in January. But the holiday period is also a time you have to be careful as it can become a double-edged sword when not considered properly. So here are some things you should consider during the yuletide season:

Don’t Get Carried Away

Design your holiday to be rejuvenating by creating a plan that works for you. Don’t allow yourself to get lost in the plans of others or else you will auto-pilot through the holiday season. I recommend you decide on the kind of holiday you want to have, with consideration given to the types of activities you enjoy with family and friends.

Have A Budget

Make a simple budget, you have worked for 11 months of the year, I am sure you don’t want to spend all your money in the 12th month. Prioritise only what you deem necessary.

Also, you don’t need a new outfit for every party you have been invited to, you can dig up an oldie from your closet and still rock it effortlessly. There’s no greater time to be tested with our finances than during the yuletide season. Let’s remember that the holiday will end and the bills will remain.

Water Is Essential

There are celebrations in every part of town. Whether it’s a company celebrating its close of the year, a birthday celebration, or a group of friends deciding to make a little bit of noise, the fact is the season is filled with feeds on partying, celebrations and enjoyment. At the heart of these festivities, alcohol is on free flow. My advice, be mindful of what you drink, especially the high consumption of alcohol, which makes you urinate more, and the more you do, the more dehydrated you become. Make sure there is always a bottle of water by your side. Alcohol can never take the place of water.

Know Thyself

You don’t have to be everywhere because you are invited. Avoid people, places, and situations that will disrupt your positive mental state. There may be situations where you will need to be around people you haven’t hung around for a long time or people that you are obligated to visit. Give your excuse if it’s not convenient for you. A situation avoided is better than putting yourself into unnecessary commotion.

Sleep Time

This is the best period to get sound sleep without getting disturbed. It has been a mad traffic experience in 2019. If you have to travel a distance to work and you live in Lagos where is always heavy traffic then use this opportunity to give yourself a rest. The holiday is a good time to restore yourself and sleep is a great way to do that.


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