2023: Idahosa’s Re-election Bid Receives Boost From Community Elders, Women, Youths


The re-election bid of Mr. Dennis Idahosa (APC-Edo), received a major boost on Friday when elders, women and youths of the Iguobazuwa community pledged their total support ahead of the February 25, 2023, National Assembly (NASS) elections.

They spoke through their various representatives at a meeting that took place at Iguobazuwa, the administrative headquarters of Ovia South West Local Government Area of Edo.

They said that the decision to pledge their support was to encourage him by throwing their weight behind his reelection. The community said that Idahosa has fulfilled the biblical saying that “when the righteous one is on the throne, the people rejoice.”

They noted that being a first-timer at the NASS, the Ovia federal constituency representative has proven all the doubting Thomas wrong with his stewardship in less than four years.

The community’s youth leader, Osaro Abbifade who described the lawmaker as an ‘Ovia Liberator,’ said that the youths would fully mobilise in his support for the election.

“We have so many reasons we are totally supporting him; he is from Iguobazuwa, a youth and more importantly, a performer. We the youths are ready to mobilise 95 percent votes for him to emerge victorious come February 25, 2023,” he stated.

Speaking on behalf of the women, Mrs. Ayowiehen Omokaro said the lawmaker’s support for the cause of women in the constituency have made it necessary for them to reciprocate.

According to her, “The women and youths have been the greatest beneficiaries of his numerous empowerment programmes and we will say our thank you to him very loud with our votes.”

The Odionwere (Clan Head) of the Iguobazuwa community, Pa Edward Edoghayobare said the community would not entertain any other candidate other than Idahosa.

The clan head who immediately bestowed on the lawmaker the title of  “Adolor of Iguobazuwa” (Someone who brings peace and development), promises to do all within his powers to see to his emergence as the Ovia representative for the second time.

“He has proven to be a true son of the soil, hence Iguobazuwa community doesn’t have any other candidate for House of Representatives except Dennis Idahosa,” he said.



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