BIM/MASSOB Warns Politicians Against Using Biafra’s Name For Campaigns In 2023 Polls

IPOB members

By Chuks Eke

The Chief Ralph Uwazuruike-led Biafra Independence Movement and Movement for Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra, BIM/MASSOB, has warned politicians to stop using the name of Biafra during their political campaigns, saying that the sovereignty of Biafra cannot be achieved through political campaigns but through divine intervention.

BIM/MASSOB said it observed that most politicians use the name of Biafra as their campaign strategies, thereby hoodwinking the electorate into believing that if elected Nigerian President, their government would end Biafra agitations in the East, feigning ignorance of the fact that Biafra agitation has gone beyond human stoppage.

In a statement signed by its Director of Information/Senior Special Assistant, SSA on Media and Publicity, Elder Chris Anierobi Mocha BIM/MASSOB cautioned politicians found to be actively involved in such an illicit campaign strategy to retrace their steps henceforth or face the wrath of the organization Biafra agitators.

According to the statement, “Over 3 million innocent lives had been wasted from 1967 till the present 2nd Biafra  – Civil War with Nigeria based on nonviolence ideology, and properties worth Trillions of naira belonging to Igbo of South East destroyed in the cause of  Biafra.”

It added that a politician can only give what he has in stock, declaring that even if an Igbo man eventually emerged as Nigerian President, such a President can never stop the much-awaited emergence of the Republic of Biafra, Biafra is now or never”.

“There is no amount of false  hopes by these politicians  to woo voters  in the name of Biafra  that will  ever give anyone of them  “a clear lead  at the poll.”

Advising politicians to stop the name-calling of Biafra but resort to issue-based campaigns, the statement quoted Uwazuruike, their leader as saying that using the name ‘Biafra ” for political rallies is a mockery.

“Biafra is a Nation, it is bigger than any individual or group of persons”, Uwazurike was quoted as having warned,

adding, ” implying that they (politicians) will give us Biafra if elected president, Mocha said they can not give what they didn’t have”.

“Promising to revamp  Nigeria’s economy, tackle insecurity in the country, end insurgency in North East, end agitations by various Self-Determination groups without addressing the remote causes of their agitations, were all fake hopes told by drowning politicians and it will never materialize at all”.

The statement emphasized that the fight for the Sovereignty of Biafra as being genuinely championed by BIM/ MASSOB in partnership with the Biafra Internal Government, BIG was not their fight because God is always on the side of the oppressed people.

He decried the attitude of some self-serving politicians who are desperate in their bid to win public support have now resorted to making empty promises that if elected President of Nigeria.

“They will make impossibility to be very possible. They will improve Nigeria’s ailing economy back to life. They will implement the abandoned but dumped ‘2014’ Confab report”.

“Their government will provide steady and uninterrupted electricity supply to all Nigerian consumers. Their government will end the conspiracy by the Hausa/Fulani of the North and Yoruba of South West against the Igbo ( the glass ceiling placed on the people of Igbo extraction)”.

“And their government will appoint an Igbo man as Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF. Their government will restructure Nigeria and make the State,  LG, and Community policing possible”.

” Their government will construct or reconstruct all the abandoned Federal roads in South East geo-political zone of the country and build refineries without any further delay”.

“They will appoint someone from South East as the Minister for Defense, Chief of Army Staff, Minister for Works and Housing. They also promised during their political campaigns and rallies to create the Republic of Biafra”.



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