Pastor Enenche To Nigerians: Choices Of People You Vote In 2023 Will Determine Changes We Get

Paul Enenche

The Senior Pastor, Dunamis International Gospel Center (DIGC), Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche has noted that the choice of which politicians the electorate will vote for during the 2023 elections would determine the changes they get; be it positive or negative.

He disclosed this in a chat with newsmen at the Makurdi airport, shortly on arrival from Abuja, for the ‘Makurdi Healing and Deliverance Crusade’ on Friday, with the theme: “Light has come.”

Shading light on the impact the crusade would have on the lives of the people and Benue state, the Senior Pastor said the people would experience the light that would dissipate all forms of darkness from their lives.

He said, “The theme of the crusade is “Light has come”, so the impact of this crusade is that individual lives will experience light; communities, families will experience light; communities represented will experience light and the state as a whole will experience the light of the gospel that will dissipate the darkness of wickedness, darkness of witchcraft, darkness of underdevelopment and any form of darkness that is holding our lives back.”

In a response to a question on the miracles, signs and wonders that took place at the crusade venue on Thursday, even though he was not physically present, Pastor Enenche said, “The most important Person to be on the ground is Jesus Christ. He (Jesus) said: where two or three are gathered in My Name, I Am there.

“So, He (Jesus) was there yesterday and He will be here today, whether I’m here or not. So we expect a continuation of what we already started yesterday.

Dr. Pastor Enenche who spoke on choices of candidates to vote for and the changes to expect advised the electorate to make conscious choices between people that have ‘issues’ that they know and people that have ‘clean and untainted’ records.

According to him, the “2023 election is an opportunity to change the situation of this country. The 2023 election is an opportunity to move away and depart from the evils, the wickedness, the darkness that bedeviled our nation for the last seven to eight years.

“The 2023 election is an opportunity to choose whether we want banditry and kidnapping to continue; it’s whether we want terrorism, underdevelopment, massive corruption, nepotism, clanistic operations, regionalism and all these kind of things to continue or whether we want a complete and total departure.

“When we see the candidates that are presented for the presidential election, it is very very clear. We are having choices between people that have issues that we know and people that have records that are clean and untainted.

“It is a choice to make and it is very clear. It is a choice between corruption and in corruption; it is a choice between light and darkness, between progress and retrogression, it is a choice between the old order and a new order.”

Pastor Enenche further stated that “If we choose the old order, the old way of doing things; if we choose expired, retired people who should be resting and bring them back, it means we are ready to continue in adversity and calamity. But if we choose people with proven results, proven credibility, proven integrity; if we choose people with proven track records, with a heart for the people, then we have the opportunity to change things.

“So I want everybody to rise, ensure you have your PVCs. I hope I’m not advising too late. Ensure you inform all your brothers and sisters in the villages; tell them who to vote for, tell them how to vote, show them the logos to vote for a change in our nation in this season and by the mercies of God, I believe that change is here.”

Speaking on the numerous challenges bedeviling Nigeria as a nation, including the long queues at gas stations and the challenges arising from the redesign of the naira, he said “There is a lot of hope.

“Imagine that there was no preaching if there were no prayers, maybe by now, nobody will walk on the road. They will catch people on the road and kill them anyhow. It’s like there are a lot of clinics and hospitals everywhere, yet sickness abounds. Supposing there was no hospital at all.

“But there is hope for the nation as long as the voice of the gospel and the declaration of the Word does not stop. The Bible says the light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehends it not.

“Remember David and Goliath? David was speaking, Goliath was speaking, but he (David) kept on declaring until Goliath fell; soon the Goliath of our nation must fall, in this season in the Name of Jesus.


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