Anyim Extoles Peter Obi’s Political Achievements, Says I’m Not Part Of G-5 Govs.


Former Senate President and a stalwart of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Anyim Pius Anyim has commended the Labour Party Presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi for changing the dynamics of the 2023 presidential election.

Anyim who applauded the achievement made by Obi during the presidential bid said he was in the PDP Presidential Primaries with Peter Obi and others and at some point, “all of us from South East met and resolved to work together, to ensure the zoning of the presidential position to South East and that whoever among us that got the ticket should be supported by the others.
He added that when the zoning failed, Obi pulled out and joined Labour Party, while he continued to the end.
He gave credit to Obi for being a factor in the political equation of the 2023 presidential election.
“I must state here and always that I am proud of Peter Obi for doing what I could not do.
“For me, His Excellency Peter Obi winning or not should not be the issue but rather his ability to bring Labour Party from nowhere to a position of reckoning is a huge contribution to our political development,” Anyim said in a statement that was made available to the media at the weekend.
“He has broken an age-long myth and should be seen as having immeasurably become a source of inspiration to the future generations of Nigerian politicians and indeed has taken his pride of place in the history of Nigerian politics.
“At this juncture, let me state, and I know many Nigerians believe so, that at this point whom God has destined to be the next president of Nigeria is already settled and no man can change it.
“It is, therefore, disheartening for people to make and impute assumptions on who anybody is supporting.
He, therefore, used the medium to deny working with the party or any group to undermine the candidacy of Peter Obi.
“I am certain that I have at no time discussed with anybody about who will win and who will not win. That is the choice Nigerians will make. I have kept faith in my party and for the benefit of all, I am still a card-carrying member of the PDP.
“I am in a very healthy mental state to speak for myself at any time and so nobody should speak for me.”
He,, therefore emphasised that the front-page story in THISDAY Newspaper of 17th February 2023 captioned “How G5 Governors, Other PDP Leaders stand on Presidential Choice….” has absolutely nothing to do with him.
“I want to state upfront that at no time was I part of the G5 Governors and or leaders. I am sufficiently knowledgeable about the turn of events leading to and after the PDP Presidential primaries and have my convictions why I should not, in any way, be part of the G5 Governors and Leaders.
“I want to state very clearly that after the Presidential Primaries, I chose to remain in PDP as a leader and responsible citizen of Nigeria, who should and indeed do place Nigeria over and above my personal interest.
“I must confess that this decision was reinforced by my experience from working with President Goodluck Jonathan. It may be necessary to state that since after the PDP Presidential Primaries, I have remained a faithful member of my party, the PDP.
“I have no intention whatsoever to leave my party, moreso as one of my campaign credits during the primaries was that I have remained in the party since 1999 even when many others had moved out and back to the PDP many times,” Anyim emphasised.


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