Vote Obi For Better Future Of Nigeria, Says Prof Akpodiete


*Identifies Bad Leadership As Bane Of Nigeria’s Greatness

Prof Alexander Akpodiete Atawa, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Cybersecurity Consultant at Atawa Group LLC, has urged Nigerians to vote for Peter Obi in the February 25th Presidential election for a better future, stressing that the Labour Party presidential flag-bearer was the best material to help bring about the needed changes Nigerian earnestly yearn for.

Addressing newsmen in Ughelli on Monday on the topic: The Future of Nigeria and Peter Obi candidacy, Prof Akpodiete, a lawyer and cleric, called on Nigerians irrespective of party affiliation and religious background to consider Peter Obi, former Governor of Anambra State as the fit and proper person to provide the right leadership needed to stimulate Nigeria’s potentials and move the country in the path of economic prosperity.

He identified bad leadership as the bane of Nigeria’s efforts at attaining greatness, stressing that with abundant natural and human capital resources in the country of over 200 million people and with high purchasing power parity, Nigeria stands the chance of being one of the greatest nations of the world.

‘’Nigeria is a very rich country and is supposed to be the giant of Africa. But why are we the way we are? The main issue with Nigeria is bad leadership. We lack nothing. Nigerians are the smartest people I have ever met having been to over 42 countries in the world. We can be better than we are right now. We have money in this country.

‘’The question one may ask is why Peter Obi? First Eastern Nigeria has not produced the president of Nigeria. Though age is a factor, that is secondary. What is most important is the ability to deliver good governance. Peter Obi is coming with a new deal, new hope and new way of running the nation. He will make Nigeria better irrespective of your race, religion and academic background. You may vote Peter Obi for president and your party candidates for the other positions. What is important here is Peter Obi so we can make changes that would make life better for the people in a transparent and accountable manner. That is the message’’, he said.

On the issue of structure and absence of conventional agents in some units ahead of the polls, Prof Akpodiete disclosed that Peter Obi was coming with a new consciousness and style of electioneering which will defile conventions and protocol, stressing that Obi has supporters in all parts, units, wards and all 774 LGAs in Nigeria and that all these have been encouraged to go to their units to vote and ensure their votes count because everybody is sick and tired of the situation in the country and would stand to get the best from the next elections.

Prof Akpodiete describes Peter Obi as a movement that has grown even bigger than the man and that it is an energy that activates and stimulates the potentials of the individuals to stand for what is right for a better future of Nigeria, stressing that his messages and ideas have brought hope to the common man who are now agents of positive changes wherever they may be.

He expressed the confidence that with the clamour for change in the streets and the determination of Nigerian youths who constitute the larger chunk of the voting populace, the people will do the needful to vote Peter Obi and that Nigerians were prepared to resist the urge to be bought over by political merchants because the suffering in the land was enough for the people to stand for what is right from now going forward.

The former Chairman of the Editorial Board of Urhobo Vanguard Newspaper, appealed to Nigerians from all strata of the society to pick their PVC and vote Peter Obi ‘’because he has the pedigree, track records and mental capacity to drive the new Nigeria that would make things better for all’’, Prof Akpodiete added.


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