Jels Quiah Debuts On ALT-Kids Top30 Playlist On Apple Music With ‘Fear None’


Jels Quiah, the rising music star from Liberia, has made a significant mark on the music industry with his new Peter Pann assisted single ‘Fear None,’ securing a place on the ALT-Kids Top30 Playlist on Apple Music.

Jels’s unique blend of Afrobeats and American hip-hop has already won him a legion of fans, and his latest single is set to win over even more.
‘Fear None’ is a powerful song that encourages listeners to overcome their fears and pursue their dreams. Its memorable lyrics and catchy beats have made it an instant hit with young audiences, who are drawn to its message of empowerment and self-belief.
Jels has worked hard to establish himself as a producer and songwriter, working with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Davido, Ice Prince, and Karl Wolf. With his new single, he has proven that he is not only an excellent collaborator but also a talented artist in his own right.
In an interview with ALT-Kids, he shared his inspiration for Fear None, he said, “I wanted to create a song that would inspire young people to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams. Fear can be paralysing, but if we learn to overcome it, we can achieve anything we want.”
His music has been praised for its positivity and energy, and “Fear None” is no exception. Its upbeat rhythm and empowering lyrics make it a perfect fit for the ALT-Kids Top30 Playlist, which features some of the most exciting new voices in music.
As Jels Quiah’s star continues to rise, fans can look forward to more great music from this talented artist. His unique style and message are sure to inspire a new generation of music lovers and establish him as a major force in the industry.
Fear None has earned Jels a well-deserved spot on the ALT-Kids Top30 Playlist on Apple Music. With its uplifting message, the song is a testament to Jels Quiah’s talent and dedication to music.


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