Guber Elections: Defend Yourselves, Properties, IPOB Tells Biafrans

Kanu with lawyer

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) led by leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who is currently who is detained in DSS solitary confinement has urged Biafrans to be very vigilant and prepared to defend their personal liberty and freedom of choice tomorrow being the 18th of March 2023 in the event that any of them chooses to participate in the Nigerian Selection process.

The group said Biafrans are a peaceful people but do not hesitate to “defend yourselves from personal harm from political thugs if attacked anywhere in the contraption called Nigeria.”

In a statement signed by Comrade Emma Powerful, spokesperson of the group, IPOB said “As long as the Nigeria State is yet to grant Biafrans the date for referendum to decide their fate in the Nigeria entity, Biafrans should be wise and brave to at the same time.

“Look out for your interest and work towards protecting and supporting only those that have your interest at heart. You must not be swayed or allow yourselves to be intimidated into making a wrong choice that will be detrimental to your interest as a Biafran. We are behind you Ndigbo and Biafrans living outside Igboland.

“We do not expect that the Nigeria Security Agencies will perform their constitutional duty and provide adequate security to those who chose to be part of this charade called election hence we urge you all to watch out for your personal security in the event that you make that personal decision to be part of this voting process. Biafrans must know that the increased anti-Igbo sentiments in some part of Nigeria especially Lagos is not directed only to Igbo Biafrans but to all of us Biafrans.

“The intelligence reports gathered by our M.Branch revealed that some unscrupulous elements hired by politicians have planned to cause a political crisis in some parts of South East on Saturday the 18th of March 2023. We dare these political thugs to cause any violence in any part of Biafraland especially South East and see if sorry will not be their portion.

“If you’re caught by IPOB Volunteers, you will have yourself to blame. The peace and calm witnessed in the South East during their Presidential Selection process must not be disturbed for any reason whatsoever by any politician and their political thugs because both will be held accountable.

“Moreso, the same intelligence report showed that corrupt politicians, especially governors, have paid Nigeria Security Agencies and INEC officials to rig elections for their preferred candidates in the upcoming Saturday elections.

“We warn those compromised Security Agents and the INEC officials in Biafraland to bury such ideas because our intelligence is monitoring them, and there shall be consequences if they dare subvert the will of the people.

“It is true that IPOB as a movement is not part of this Zoo jamboree called election but we will not seat and watch wicked politicians and their thugs turn Biafraland into anarchy with their plan to thwart the legitimate choice of those who wish as individuals to participate in tomorrow’s s(e)lection. Our focus is to ensure that Biafra land is peaceful before, during, and after these s(e)lections processes.

“In spite of all the conspiracies of the Nigeria Government and some International Agencies to blackmail IPOB in the 2022 global terrorism index report, we shall never relent in our peaceful quest for the Biafra referendum and we shall not retreat from defending our territory from marauding and invading Fulani terrorists Herdsmen.

“Those lobbying the International Community against IPOB and those championing anti-Igbo sentiments “Igbophobia” in Nigeria should better ask Nigeria Government to organize a Biafra referendum so that Biafrans can exit Nigeria for good. Until that is done, every Biafran person must stand against any form of bullying and intimidation.

“Those Biafrans who decide to participate in tomorrow’s governorship election in Rivers must have the blood and cry of those killed in Obigbo in their mind as they go out to vote,” the statement emphasised.



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