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Tinubu Considering Appointing Prof Sule As Next NIMASA DG, Magaji Says He’s Fit For The Job



Sequel to Prof Sule Abiodun being considered for the coveted job of Director-General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Professor Yusuf Magaji has described the maritime expert as fit for the responsibility.

Magaji also noted that, while Sule is the best man for the job, the Presidency should overlook and dismiss spurious charges made against the knowledgeable marine specialist, despite the fact that he has never been invited or indicted by any security or financial institution.

According to his credentials, Sule will reposition the industry and help build a more robust and impressive agency aimed at recovering Nigeria’s pride of place in the international community.

According to Professor Magaji, Sule possesses two PhDs, one in Maritime Technology Management and one in Fisheries and Aquaculture. The eminent Professor additionally holds a Master of Public Administration degree as well as a number of professional credentials, including a Marine Navigation Certificate and a Joint Scandinavian Surveyor Certificate.

He stated that the marine expert’s qualifications also include a difficult MSc degree in marine (Nautical Science) from WMU Malmoe, Sweden, received in December 1994. He was supported in 1991 by The IMO, the European Union, and the then Nigeria National Maritime Authority (NMA).

Sule, as an IMO Scholar with over 110 publications and textbooks to his name, will be in a position to assist Nigeria in moving into Category C, which has long eluded the country due to the non-implementation of Conventions to which Nigeria is a party.

“If approved by the President, Sule’s proposed agenda will include a focus on strengthening key sectors of the maritime industry, Manpower Development in Nigeria by conserving scarce forex, Flag State and Port State management, Marine Environmental Management based on the MARPOL Convention 1973 as Amended, and Cabotage drives for better IGR; while aiming to improve existing aquaculture programs, particularly in the marine culture and freshwater domains, and revitalising Deep Sea aquaculture.”

According to Magaji, who claims to have known Sule, he plans to work with the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) to install innovative post-harvest technologies like the Thiaroye smoking kiln to reduce post-harvest losses among fishermen.

His agenda also includes the second phase of Fisheries National Stock Assessments, which will analyse species availability and health conditions in Nigerian coastal waters.

In addition, he intends to revive dormant Artisanal fisheries training programs and assemble correct data on Fisheries Artisans and Marine fishing to establish their economic contributions.

Prof. Abiodun Sule is the Executive Director/CEO of the Nigerian Institute of Oceanography and Marine Research, which is based in Lagos. He is a licensed Marine Captain and an excellent maritime expert.

He recently led a team of six scientists from West African countries to the sea to collect and analyse data on the health of Nigeria’s ocean and brackish waters as part of a program supported by POGO, Namibia.

His professional career has been defined by significant achievements, and he served as the Provost of the Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology, Victoria Island, Lagos, from January 1, 2014, to 2019, where he obtained all accreditations for Nautical Science and other core programs and mounted Maritime Technology programs at both the National Diploma and Higher National Levels.

Surprisingly, as Provost/CEO, he was also teaching Navigation Principles, Practical Navigation, and Safety at Sea.

He was previously the Deputy Provost for Academics and Chief Lecturer in the College’s Nautical Science Department.

Prior to joining the Marine College, he worked for Shell Petroleum for over a decade, supervising crude oil loading and handling on L1, L2, and VLCC tankers.

He is a Marine Simulation expert who has been asked to help reorganise the Nautical Science Department at Nigeria’s sole Marine University.

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Instagram Unveils Improved Editing Tools For Creators, Users




Instagram has announced new and improved editing tools to help creators and users better express their creativity on the app. The new tools include several improvements to reels and exciting new updates for feed photos, carousels, and stories, that make it easier to create directly within the Instagram app.

For reels, enhanced video editing tools help users express creativity and tell the story they want to, all within the app. In the feed, new filters for photos and carousels will explore different tones and moods for posts. In addition to the editing tools, Instagram has also built new tools to help creators better understand their performance.

The full suite of updates includes:

Reel editing updates: We’re rolling out new fonts to level up text on reels, and updating editing individual clips with the ability to zoom/crop/rotate; undo and redo edits; and 10 new text-to-speech voices.

Audio updates: On reels, we’re launching the ability to add clips with audio from movies, TV shows,s or your own created audio to your reels from our new media clip hub.

New feed photo filters: We’re launching brand-new photo filters for feed posts and carousels.

Performance insights for creators: understand your Reels performance with a new metric, Reels Replays.

Custom Stickers: make your Reels or Stories stand out by turning part of any photo or video.

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2024 Budget: Obi Queries N20.5bn Proposal For VP’s House



Peter Obi, the Labour Party Presidential flag bearer in the country’s last general election, has once again yelled at the level of waste in the APC administration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


Obi, who had just blasted the government for sending over 1400 delegates to COP28 as wasteful, has now slammed the administration for proposing over N20 billion in refurbishment and construction of a new office space for the Vice President.

The LP standard bearer said he is still studying the N27.5 trillion budget presented to the National Assembly last week, but could not wait to wonder at the level of waste on nonessential things when the people are suffering and dropping into multi-dimensional poverty in droves.


Reacting in his X handle on Monday Obi said “Even as I am still studying the 2024 fiscal budget as presented to the National Assembly last week, I cannot wait as am compelled to ask what is exactly wrong with us as a country.



‘I ask this question because it is hard for me to understand some of the recent happenings in our nation, in these critical times.


‘The recent news about a budget provision of N15 billion for the construction of a new residence for the Vice President is both shocking and disheartening, considering the many important challenges facing our nation.


Obi recalled that “Just recently in the Supplementary Budget, the sum of N2.5 billion was included for the renovation of the Vice President’s residence in Abuja, which means that he already has a residence. Again, during the budget presentation, I heard the sum of N3 billion was allocated for the renovation of the Vice President’s residence in Lagos. If we total all these sums, we would have budgeted the sum of N20.5 billion for the housing of the Vice President at this critical time when we are not just the world’s poverty capital, but more people falling into poverty, with so many Nigerians not knowing where their next meal will come from”


“Our health facilities have collapsed, and unemployment is skyrocketing. I am convinced that 99.9% of Nigerians can only dream of living in the current residence of the Vice President.


The LP standard bearer also noted that ‘ Several people employed in the universities are not being paid. Just to give an example, the salary of a professor in a Nigerian university is about N400,000, which without removing tax is about N5 million a year. What we have budgeted for the housing of the Vice President who is already luxuriously housed is, therefore, the annual salary of about 3000 professors!


“This is the finance needed to develop the much-needed human capital.


“The budget of N5 billion for student loans, which is yet to be disbursed is only a tiny percentage of the cost of the Vice President’s new home.


According to the former Anambra state Governor, “We are projecting to use four times the amount for educating ALL Nigerian indigent students to house the Vice President, and we are being told  there is nothing wrong with us”


“I am sure the major teaching hospitals in Nsukka, Lagos, Ibadan, and Zaria did not receive this much capital vote in the budget this year.


“We have had leaders that were exemplary in the past. Most Nigerians may not know that the popular 1004 flats in Lagos, was land allocated for the building of a Presidential Mansion for the then Head of State, General Murtala Mohammed but he  “sternly turned down the offer and instructed that the land should be used to build blocks of flats for civil servants. That is the kind of sacrificial leadership worth emulating.


“Our leaders must therefore stop the recklessness and insensitivity to the plight of the masses. We need leaders who show compassion and are willing to sacrifice for common progress and development. Such compassionate and frugal leaders are critical in our journey to the New Nigeria”


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DCSL Set To Launch Innovative Boardroom App, Marks 10 Years Of Excellence



Bisi Adeyemi, Managing Director of DCSL

DCSL Corporate Services Limited, a leading corporate service firm is set to celebrate a decade of professional excellence and launch an innovative boardroom app – “The DCSL e-Connect App” on Friday 8th December 2023.


Bisi Adeyemi, Managing Director of DCSL, reflected on the significant milestones achieved in the past decade and reiterated the Company’s commitment to delivering unparalleled professional services across its bouquet of offerings to diverse sectors of the economy.


“Our ten-year journey has been propelled by an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional professional service to a diverse range of corporate and individual clients across various business sectors.

“The introduction of the DCSL eConnect app marks a pivotal moment, as we embark on a new era of transformative possibilities, reinforcing our dedication to innovation and precision in communication and collaboration within the boardroom.

“This celebration marks not only a milestone in our journey but also a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the corporate services landscape”.


The DCSL eConnect App is designed to elevate boardroom communication, and collaboration and redefine efficiency. The innovative App will empower Boards and c-suite executives to efficiently manage meetings, streamline access to and retrieval of documents, facilitate approvals, and conduct polls and performance evaluations, all while ensuring compliance and tracking company plans.


The exclusive event will be graced by key stakeholders, clients, business leaders, and media partners.

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