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Emmanuel’ Is Here! As Deeper Life Hosts Global Crusade With Kumuyi, December Retreat




The global evangelisation effort gains momentum this December as the renowned internationally acclaimed evangelist and Bible scholar, Pastor (Dr.) William F. Kumuyi brings his global gospel campaign to Lagos.

The crusade, which is coming under the auspices of the Global Crusade with Kumuyi (GCK), is scheduled to be held from Thursday, December 21 to Tuesday, December 26, 2023, at the Deeper Life International Conference Centre (DLICC) KM 42, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

GCK, a monthly gospel crusade that is streamed via satellite and social media platforms from an alpha location to the rest of the world, is now in its third year and has provided a great opportunity for the salvation, healing, and deliverance of thousands of people around the world. This will make it the third time the global crusade has been hosted in the Lagos environment. Since its debut in Abuja in 2021, the GCK ship has docked in virtually all the subregions of Nigeria as well as other countries such as Togo, Ghana, Cameroon, Zambia and, just last month, India.

According to the Deeper Life Bible Church Lagos Moderator, Pastor P. O. Oluwi, this month’s GCK coincides with and will run concurrently with the Deeper Life Global December Retreat with the theme: ‘Emmanuel’ (God with us). The joint event is coming at a time when the country, and indeed the whole world, is experiencing very challenging times and is in dire need of divine presence and intervention even as the end of the present world system approaches.

Pastor Oluwi pointed out that the GCK has always been a collaborative effort involving the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and all its blocs and the present programme will be no exception. He explained that the programme usually features three events – the Crusade, Ministers and Professionals Conference as well as Impact Academy (for youths). He stated that, given the flurry of activities in which gospel ministers are involved at this period of the year, the current programme will go without the Minister’s Conference. However, according to him, the Youth Impact is still embedded in the programme and will feature on the morning of 26th December, the final day of the crusade.

Pastor Oluwi also hinted that the Retreat activities will run from morning till late afternoon before the commencement of the daily crusade. He said that the alpha location (DLICC), unlike other locations, will enjoy the extra benefit of full retreat activities on Friday the 22nd and Tuesday the 26th. The programme is, therefore, residential – participants will be housed and fed throughout the events.

Pastor (Dr) Kumuyi, the convener of GCK, is billed to minister throughout the six-day power-packed global gospel crusade along with the gospel music minister, Cole Hastie and other anointed servants of God.

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CAN Honours Gov. Buni With The ‘Inclusive Governance’ Award



Buni (right) receiving the award

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Yobe State Council has awarded Governor Mai Mala Buni with the “Inclusive Governance” award for his administration’s fairness to all ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.

Yobe State CAN Chairman, Bishop Yohanna Audu, and leaders of the association presented the award to the governor on Tuesday during a Christmas homage to him at the Government House, Damaturu.

“You won this prestigious award because of your style of leadership that carries everybody along irrespective of tribe, region, or religion,” Audu said.

The association commended Governor Buni for appointing people from all faiths and ethnic backgrounds into his administration.

It also commended the governor for his commitment to peace and peaceful coexistence in the state where adherents of various religions coexist peacefully with love and trust.

The association said in preparation for Christmas, it organised a unity carol with participants from the six North Eastern states at a time when the Muslims were having the National Quranic recitation competition.

“This is a clear demonstration of the peace, trust, and tolerance we have in the state under your able leadership,” the association informed Buni.

It also lauded the Yobe state government for providing bulls during festivals, palliative to the less privileged, awards scholarships for foreign students, and allocation of slots for pilgrimage to its members.

Responding, Buni assured the association of more opportunities to all persons irrespective of religion, ethnicity, or cultural background.

He said the responsibility of building a peaceful society rests on everyone, urging religious leaders to always preach peace among their followers.

“We thank God for the stable peace we now enjoy across the state, and we all have roles to play in improving the relative peace enjoyed,” Buni emphasized.

He said the award given to him by the association would propel him to do more in supporting and carrying everyone along “It’s an award l will live to value it.”

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Have We Had Bad Popes Throughout History?




By Val Obienyem

In 1300 the papacy suffered two major setbacks: the era of “antipopes” and the “Babylonian Captivity”. In 1305 through the influence of King Philip of France, a French archbishop was elected and crowned at Lyon as Pope Clement V. Clement moved the papal court from Rome to Avignon in 1309. The papacy remained in France during the reign of seven Popes, and this greatly reduced the prestige of the papacy. This period was known as “Babylonian Captivity” It ended in 1377 when Pope Gregory XI returned the papal throne to Rome.

This development made the papacy to be a subject of intense rivalry among Catholic countries. Unfortunately, it degenerated into the era of rival Popes, in other words, known as “anti-popes.” An anti-pope was he who had been improperly elected a pope. He sets himself in opposition to the pope who has been regularly chosen by canon law. The first anti-pope usually noted was Hippolytus; the last anti-pope was Felix. This schism divided the church for almost 60 years. As if the Church was recovering from it, subsequent popes posed a problem to the Church. Having obtained their election by bribe, they lived shamefully.

This was exemplified in the pontificate of Alexander VI. Alexander involved himself in the political maneuvering that characterized Italy from 1492 – 1503. The career of Alexander VI and some other Popes of the era demonstrated that they were typical Renaissance Princes occupied with Italian politics often to the neglect of their spiritual duties, thus bringing disgrace to the Church and the papacy into disrepute.

As an aftermath of this degenerative papacy, many Church leaders cried out for reforms. These cries continued unheeded until Martin Luther came forth. He was a Catholic Priest and a monk. In his 95 theses, he denounced many things in the Church, especially the indulgence. But let it be said here that even before Luther, Pope Boniface IX in 1392, Martin V in 1420, and Sixtus IV in 1478 had repeatedly condemned the misconception and abuses of indulgence. Luther’s concerns were legitimate. Some believe that his way of going about it was wrong, others believe otherwise. This debate continues.

In response to this protestant reformation, the Church called the Council of Trent, which met from 1545 to 1563. This Council reaffirmed the Catholic doctrines.

It needs to be said, and I do hereby say it that the personal immoralities of priests or popes do not nullify the divine character of the Church, the purity of its doctrines, or the graces and spiritual powers it transmits.

All in all, though the Catholic Church was founded by Christ, it is manned by sons of Adam susceptible to human frailties.

On papal infallibility and the document signed by the Pope:

Maybe we did not fully comprehend infallibility as we were taught in Catechism as kids. The teachings have not changed. The pope is as fallible as the man next door and susceptible to sinning. He has his confessor and goes to confession as often as required. If he were sinless, he would not need that. Infallibility comes into play when he makes pronouncements in matters of faith, usually in union with the cardinals and the bishops. Even the recent document on blessings does not fall within the issue at hand. What he signed is akin to practice direction for lawyers to priests.

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I Saw The Caliphate, Backed By Yoruba To Fight Igbo People,  Says Bishop Udeh



By Chuks Eke

Fiery cleric, Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh has disclosed that he saw the Caliphate, backed by the Yoruba to finish the Igbo people but they can never succeed because God is by the side of the Ndigbo.
He said if God had not been on the side of the Igbo, these Caliphates would have finished them a long time ago.

“It is better for President Bola Tinubu to resign and hand over power to the winner of the last presidential election because he has no acumen and articulates to handle Nigeria rather, the more he stays on that seat, the more Nigeria will continue to go down economically and politically, while injustice will continue to reign supreme as a result of lack of rule of law”.
Bishop Udeh said that he also saw the Almighty God sign and stamp the existence of the sovereign state of Biafra in the spiritual realm as a result of the continued detention and incarceration of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPoB, Nnamdi Kanu.
He said he saw the mighty hand of God signing and stamping the Biafran sovereignty state in the spiritual realm shortly after he concluded his annual 40 days and 40 nights of fasting and prayer session which he started in 2017 when the Nigerian military launched the dramatic operations python dance which claimed many lives of Ndigbo, including that of Kanu’s parent.

Bishop Udeh, General Overseer of Mount Zion Global  Liberation Ministries Incorporated (a.k.a By-Fire-By-Fire) made this revelation at his Cathedral Church, Nnewii, Anambra state, while briefing newsmen ahead of last Friday’s Supreme Court judgment in the federal government’s appeal against Appeal court judgment which discharged and acquitted Kanu of all the charges brought against him by the federal government, declared: “I am very happy that the Biafran sovereignty state has at last been signed and stamped by the Almighty.
I am in the spiritual realm waiting for manifestation”.

He further declared: ” Instead of continuing to shed blood in the name of agitation or fighting agitation, let there be a referendum to kick-start the sovereign state of Biafra because the quantum of blood already shredded from 1945 till date in search of silencing agitation by the Nigerian government is so enormous that there is a need to conduct a referendum and end the agitation.

“In my 40 days and 40 nights of fasting and prayers, I saw the anger of God pouring on Britain and other superpower nations working with Britain to suppress Biafran sovereignty. I am seeing the Jihadists conquering Britain and taking over the mantle of leadership as a punishment for siding with the Jihadists in Nigeria.
“I am seeing the punishment of God against Britain for maltreating and suppressing the people they colonized. All the people they colonized are secretly being milked and sulked dry by the British”.
“America will soon be brought down because of the way they are working with Britain. So, America should be very careful because there is a small person down the valley pushing to bring down America. Even Vladimir Putin of Russia should be careful not to be eaten up by a magot because of his conquest style of leadership”.

“In the spiritual realm, I am seeing China, Iran and Russia coming together to pull down America. So, America should be very careful.

Governor Chukwuma Soludo of Anambra State should be very careful because I am seeing APC raising flags to the Agu-Awka Government House.
He should stick to his campaign promises to ensure he qualifies for a second tenure or else he will fail to secure a second tenure. He should also be very careful not to allow the ongoing conspiracy from APC from the federal level not to prevent him from going for a second tenure”, Bishop Udeh warned.

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