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Senate Frowns At Refusal Of Steering Committee On Presidential Compressed Natural Gas To Render Account



Senate chamber


The Senate and House of Representatives Joint Committee on Petroleum Resources (Upstream, Downstream and Gas) has frowned at the refusal of the Steering Committee on the Presidential Compressed Natural Gas – Initiative (PCNG-I) to be accountable by briefing the National Assembly of its activities and programmes.

The Chairman of the Committee, Senator Jarigbe Agom, in his remarks at 2024 budget defence session of the Ministry of Petroleum Resources in Abuja on Tuesday, said the activities of the Steering Committee are shrouded in secrecy and the Ministers of State, Petroleum Resources (Oil and Gas) are totally in the dark about what it is doing.

This was as the JoJoint Committeehairman stated that the Steering Committee cannot account for the Funds already provided from the N500 billion approved for palliatives for the purpose of CNG advancement in the country.

He regretted that it had not made any progress at all and Nigerians are suffering because of the removal of subsidy.

The Chairman noted that, in trying to get self-help, “the P-CNGI has embarked on a fundraiser, which comes up tomorrow, to extort funds from so-called stakeholders.”

He said as a parliament, they do not align with running government programmes with disregard for the provisions of the law.

“We cannot achieve what Mr. President wants, without providing for the CNG-Project and other very important Projects in the Appropriations Act.

“Doing so, will only open a window for fraud, which will impact negatively on the Citizenry.

“Let it be on record that the Steering Committee of the P-CNGI cannot account for the Funds already provided from the 500bn Naira approved for Palliatives for the purpose of CNG advancement in the Country,” he said.

He said it was the duty of the JoJoint Committee to ensure the effective allocation of resources for the advancement of our nation’s petroleum sector.

“Our oversight function is predicated on fostering transparency, efficiency, and sustainable development within the Ministry, NNPCL, and its subsidiaries.

“I urge all stakeholders to engage in open dialogue and provide insightful inputs that will contribute to the formulation of a Budget that aligns with our national priorities.
Let us work collaboratively to address challenges, seize opportunities, and uphold the interests of the citizens we serve. I appreciate the dedication and hard work of everyone involved in advancing our Petroleum Industry.

“We are aware that on the 1st of October, 2023, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria made a promise to Nigerians in a Speech, where he stated unequivocally his resolve to ameliorate the sufferings of the common man, by introducing palliatives to cushion the effect of the Subsidy Removal. Mr. President also committed to building Training Workshops and providing Conversion Kits, to advance the Natural Gas Revolution Policy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


“The JoJoint Committeebserves with utter dismay, the non-provision of those Projects and Palliatives in the 2024 Appropriations Bill, which has been made available to the JJoint Committee


“The Budget of the Ministry of Petroleum Resources is neither here nor there. It does not reflect the Popolicyirection of Mr. President on the Decade of Gas and the use of Compressed Natural Gas, as an alternative source of fuel. A Capital Budget of 5.8Bn for a Ministry that is critical to achieving the Natural Gas Revolution Policy of the Federal Government and ameliorating the hardship imposed on the Masses, smacks of unseriousness.

“Finally, we thank the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for his lofty initiative of transiting from the use of Fossil Fuel to the use of Natural Gas, but will appeal that a proper framework be deployed, through the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, with a transparent Budgeting System.

“Once more, we want to state that the NNPCL is wholly owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria, so, the National Assembly is empowered, under Sections 88 and 89 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to Over-Sight NNPCL and its subsidiaries,” he said.

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Nigeria, Qatar Gas Cooperation To Pave Way For Global Clean Energy, Says Tuggar




Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Yusuf Tuggar, has called for collaboration between Nigeria and Qatar to promote gas diplomacy, energy transition away from nonrenewable energy, and highlighted the key benefits of Nigeria-Qatari relations for Africa and the global gas sectors.

He made the call while delivering a lecture at the Doha Diplomatic Institute on Thursday on the sidelines of President Bola Tinubu’s official visit to the State of Qatar.

The Minister said both Qatar and Nigeria are blessed with hydrocarbon deposits that place them at the centre of the new energy equation. He also stated that while Qatar has the world’s third largest gas reserves and Nigeria is best known as Africa’s largest oil producer, it is primarily a gas province with a small amount of oil. “We are sitting on reserves of 208TCF. We use our reserves to develop our economies – and are confident that we can also develop partnerships that will support the process of transition.”

Amb. Tuggar further stated that it is incumbent on gas-rich countries like Qatar and Nigeria to make a case for gas as a cleaner alternative and transition fuel fit for human use while also adding that “Nigeria requires a partner such as Qatar that shares a similar epistemology of gas as a resource for human utility to develop its gas assets further and expand market share for the benefit of both countries.” He also enthused that “Nigeria can help Europe and other industrial economies to diversify their sources of energy supply. In turn, a more stable market creates more stable prices, and a more stable platform for economic growth, improved living standards and new opportunities.”

The Minister also stated that Nigeria currently has a 6-train LNG with a nameplate capacity of 22MTPA, with an 8MTPA 7th train under construction and another 8th train planned for the near future. Nigeria also has two additional LNG projects that have reached advanced planning stages; Olokola (OK LNG) and Brass LNG. Opportunities for quick Floating LNG projects also abound. But even before that, 150km from Nigeria lies Equatorial Guinea’s Bioko Island LNG, fresh out of gas supplies and ready to take in feedstock from Nigeria.

The Minister said that beyond the LNG, “Nigeria has two major gas pipeline projects with the potential of delivering gas to Europe currently underway- The Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline through Algeria can potentially deliver a conservative 2 billion scf/d while the 7,000km Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline seeks to join the Maghreb-European Pipeline (MEP) with a capacity of 30 billion cubic metres/day.”

He added that all of these projects provide huge opportunities for Qatar to partner with Nigeria to enter into new markets for gas in Africa and beyond, noting that: “Qatar possesses the requisite big-ticket experience in negotiating complex international business deals as well as the interlocutory mediation skills for the diplomacy required to pull off a Nigeria-Morocco pipeline, where over 15 countries would be involved.

He said the kind of political and economic partnership that is needed to develop such a complex project can be the foundation for a new diplomatic order in the region. He said: “A partnership that further brings us together and can provide new incentives to mitigate or minimize some of the challenges that we have faced, for example in recent months over the faltering of democracy in parts of the region. ,

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NNPC Ltd, OPEC Pledge Collaboration To Attract Investments, Increased Production



The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC Ltd) and the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) have agreed to work closely together to achieve the country’s objectives of attracting investment and increasing production.

In a statement, Olufemi Soneye, Chief Corporate Communications Officer of NNPC Ltd, stated that the two organizations came to this accord when the Secretary General of OPEC, Haitham al-Ghais, paid a courtesy visit to the Group Chief Executive Officer of NNPC Ltd, Mr. Mele Kyari, at the NNPC Towers on Wednesday.

Speaking at the event, al-Ghais stated that OPEC was completely aligned with NNPC Ltd.’s vision, as encapsulated in its payoff line: “Energy for Today, Energy for Tomorrow,” because of its inclusive view of energy, as opposed to the view promoted by some quarters that some sources of energy were bad.

He revealed that, despite the pushback on oil and gas, the world would require approximately $14 trillion in investments from now until 2035 to meet global demand, and urged NNPC Ltd to do everything in its power to capitalise on that opportunity to increase production in order to remain a reliable source of energy for the world.

“We will continue to ensure that the market is stable. The global market has to be stable in order for Nigeria to be able to attract investors. If there’s volatility, if there’s no stability in the market, it will only create havoc for everybody, whether it’s a producer or consumer country. So, we will continue to do that in OPEC. We count on Nigeria’s support”, the OPEC helmsman said.

In his remarks, Kyari stated that NNPC Ltd was working extremely hard to recover lost production and create the ideal fiscal environment to attract investment.


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Greenville LNG Expands Liquified Natural And Compressed Gas Provision To South East



Greenville LNG, Nigeria’s pioneer and leading domestic liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) company, has made another significant investment to expand its operational presence and provide more affordable, cleaner, and reliable LNG/LCNG to the country’s Southeast.

According to a press statement issued by the company’s Head of Communications, Media, PR, and Strategic Liaison, Prince Moses Duku, fnipr, “Greenville LNG from its strategic and first-of-its-kind in West Africa Gas Liquefaction Plant at Rumuji in Rivers State, as well as the company’s investment in its actively operational virtual pipeline system run by its more than 500 LNG-powered specialised trucks, has boldly initiated a visionary and strong determination to meanin Greenville LNG is on an intentional technical and corporate mission not only to support, but also to proactively and sustainably spike up real time productive enterprise with a generative multiplier effect on GDP-enhancing commerce across the length and breadth of Nigeria.”

Moses Duku, speaking to the media in Enugu at the signing of an Agreement between the Enugu State Government and Greenville LNG for the establishment of an LNG/LCNG Mother Station at Ugwu Onyeama, Amuku Abor in Enugu south east Nigeria, stated that the production and distribution of cleaner, more affordable, and more reliably available liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas to manufacturing industries, power plants to support the national grid, and the automobile

Moses further added that, “…with Greenville’s top quality and more affordable LNG and CNG production, reliable availability through the assured virtual pipeline gas delivery system of the company, Nigeria’s industrial developmental revolution and spinoff is right here in our country; Nigeria’s dependable energy future is practically here, and our country’s productive capacities are set to be unleashed like never before. That is Greenville LNG’s promise and that is Greenville LNG’s work and progressive commitment to the Federal and State governments as well as to the nation’s productive industrial complex. It is in continuation of this corporate mission, that Greenville LNG has come to Enugu to birth its business operations with our Mother LNG/LCNG Station upon which many daughter stations will also anchor across the State to serve Ndi Enugu.” On the critical issue of affordability by users, Moses Duku said that Greenville LNG‘s provision of LNG and CNG as alternative fuels in Enugu State through the Mother and ensuing daughter stations will substantially reduce the cost of transportation of goods and services as well as the cost of manufacturing immediately by about 30 to 40 %.

The Dr Peter Mbah, Esq. administration in Enugu State enunciates a governing philosophy which states that it has a mission “to make Enugu one of the top 3 States in Nigeria in terms of Gross Domestic Product and achieve a 0% rate in the poverty headcount index.” His Excellency, Dr Peter Mbah, Esq, the Governor of Enugu State, in his vision that aligns and synergizes perfectly with Greenville’s more reliable, more affordable, cleaner, more socially responsible, and more environmentally friendly LNG/CNG utilisation agenda, says optimistically.

The Agreement was executed at the Government House in Enugu, with the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Professor Chidiebere Onyia, the Honourable Attorney General of Enugu State, Dr Kingsley Udeh, and the Honourable Commissioner for Works, Dr Obi Ozor, signing on behalf of the Enugu State Government under the supervision of the Governor, His Excellency, Dr. Peter Mbah, Esq.


Mr Ikechukwu Nnamoko, Permanent Secretary of the Enugu State Ministry of Transport, and Mrs Rosemary Ifeoma Ugonabo, Special Assistant to the Enugu State Governor on Transport, were also in attendance at the event.


Greenville LNG’s Director of Administration, Mr. Joseph Oyadoyin, and the company’s General Counsel, Barr. (Mrs) Ngozi Efobi, signed the Agreement on their behalf. The Greenville LNG delegation to the Agreement signing ceremony in Enugu included Mr Gokul Moothedathu, Head of the company’s LNG & CNG Retail Marketing operations, and Prince Moses G. Duku, fnipr, Greenville’s Head of Communications, Media, PR, and Strategic Liaison.


Greenville Gas Liquefaction Plant, established with a 100% foreign direct investment of more than $500 million, is located in Rumuji, Rivers State. The company’s Gas Liquefaction Plant, the first of its kind in West Africa, currently has three liquefaction trains with a combined capacity of 2,250 metric tonnes of LNG per day. With two additional trains ordered and under construction, Greenville LNG’s total production capacity at the Gas Liquefaction Plant will be 5,250 metric tonnes of LNG per day once all five liquefaction trains are completed.


Greenville LNG Gas Hubs are already operational in Kaduna, Koton-Karfe in Kogi State, Shagamu in Ogun State, Benin in Edo, and Rumuji in Rivers State, with a focus on customer satisfaction and long-term national industrial development. Greenville is proud to offer a one-stop solution for gas power in Nigeria. Greenville LNG has the capacity to supply LNG on a long-term basis to industries with needs ranging from 1MW to 250MW. Greenville LNG guarantees premium product quality and a consistent petrol supply to meet fuel needs all year.

Greenville LNG follows a socially responsible and ethical business process, and it is proud to prioritise the health, safety, and environment of its employees, contractors, stakeholders, and the general public.


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