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US Army Veteran Accuses Police Of Conspiracy,  Attempted Abduction In Anambra



IGP Agbetokun

By Chuks Eke

A Nigerian-born veteran soldier of the United States of America, USA, Bonaventure Ezekwenna has cried out to the Nigeria police high command over what he termed as conspiracy,  attempted abduction, and perhaps his assassination by those he identified as dubious and unscrupulous police officers at Zone 13, Ukpo, Anambra State, in conspiracy with one Chijioke Peter Okaa, an accused person currently standing trial at Chief Magistrate Court, Nnobi in Idemili South Local Government Area of the state.

He alleged that the conspiracy, attempted abduction and perhaps his assassination were hatched and perpetrated at the premises of Zone 13 Zonal Police Command Ukpo, in a bid to forestall the trial of Mr. Okaa at Nnobi Chief Magistrate court where Okaa was arraigned on a five-count charge of conspiracy,  giving false information to the Inspector-General of the Police, IGP.

He alleged that the action of the police officers was intended to aid Okaa to cause the IGP to use his lawful power to the injury or annoyance of one Miss Nzube Victoria Mbachu and one Bonaventure Ezekwenna, after maliciously damaging a landed property worth over N10 million belonging to himself (Ezekwenna) to abduct and eliminate him.

According to Ezekwenna, a native of Nnobi and a New York City-based US Army veteran, having studied and obtained his first degree in political science at Herbert H. Lehman College of City University of New York, one Mr. Chijioke Peter Okaa currently standing trial at the court for malicious damage and some police officers of Zone 13 Ukpo had conspired, hatched what he described as elaborate plans to abduct him at the Chief Magistrate Court premises, and dispose him in such a way that he would be prevented from pursuing his case or seeking justice any longer in any court of competent jurisdiction.


In the petition to the Inspector-General of Police, IGP, dated October 9, this year, a copy of which he made available to newsmen via WhatsApp, Ezekwenna, also a veteran of child abuse investigator at New York City Government Administration of Children Services,  veteran intelligence operative who assisted US Federal law enforcement (FBI, INS, and US Justice Dept) in successful international investigation and prosecution of Nigerian-American human trafficking syndicate in US Federal Court of Southern District of New York and currently a businessman who frequently visits Lagos, Nigeria on business projects development missions, narrated his ugly experience in the hands of these compromised police officers attached to Zone 13 Police Command, Ukpo.

Ezekwenna said that it is ironic that some of these officers at Zone 13, Ukpo attached to Zonal Intelligence Bureau, ZIB conspired with the said Chijioke Peter Okaa to abduct him.

He said he was surprised that the accused person, Okaa, while still standing trial could hire these police officers to trail him to the Nnobi Chief Magistrate Court premises on mufti, probably to abduct and deliver him to the accused person to deal with him ruthlessly.

He alleged that apart from trailing him to the court premises where they could not abduct him because of the presence of some operatives of the national security agency, who escorted him to the court, the police officers had equally trailed him to a hotel where he lodged in Awka some time ago to abduct him but were prevented from carrying out the act when they discovered that the hotel was saturated with Close Circuit Television, CCTV cameras and they left in utter disappointment.

He further alleged that when they could not succeed with the abduction plots, they now resorted to sending him a WhatsApp invitation letter to report at Zone 13 Headquarters, Ukpo to answer certain charges against him.


He said when he received the WhatsApp invitation letter which they deliberately addressed him as Bonaventure Eze Ogbonna instead of his real name, Bonaventure Ezekwenna, he suspected a fowl play from the police because if he honours the invitation, they could abduct him and there would be no traces of his whereabouts since his relations, friends, and associates would be looking for him as Bonaventure Ezekwenna but the police would deny seeing him because they had invited him as Bonaventure Eze Ogbonna, instead of Ezekwenna.

He said to worsen the matter, the police invitation letter had directed him to report to the O/C Zonal ZIB, Zone 13, Ukpo on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, for attempted murder, citing violence and criminal trespass as a reason for his invitation.

He recalled that the problem started in September 2021 when he answered the clarion call by the Anambra State government on Anambra indigenes worldwide to invest at home. He purchased an uncompleted property at Nnobi for N10  million, paid with a bank draft, and obtained a Deed of Assignment and other legal documents perfected at his lawyer’s office in Nnobi. He said he also killed a  goat as part of the land procurement by Nnobi custom and tradition.

He said as he started to develop it, a notorious land grabber invaded the property with thugs and allegedly, destroyed, stole some building materials, and demolished the fence, adding that the rampaging thug claimed he purchased the property in September 2020 at the cost of N20 million from the same person who sold it to him (Ezekwenna).

“Initially, I reported the matter at Lagos State Police Command and it was assigned to SCID Lagos for investigation. From SCID Lagos the case was transferred to FCID Alagbon Close Lagos, which has nationwide jurisdiction and resources. At FCID Alagbon, Okaa claimed that he paid N20m cash for the same land but without a receipt. The IPO at FCID Alagbon threatened to charge Okaa in court.


“To avoid being charged to court, Okaa wrote a petition to IGP alleging that himself, Ezekwenna, and Ms. Victoria Nzube Mbachu the person who sold the property to him (Ezekwennna) and others plotted to kill him to take his land and his petition was assigned to FCID Headquarters Abuja for investigation”.

“FCID Headquarters Abuja transferred the case file from FCID Alagbon Lagos to FCID Headquarters Abuja, released Okaa from FCID Alagbon detention, and arrested Ezekwenna. This in police circles is called Rescue  Mission”.

“After investigation, FCID Legal Dept charged Okaa to Chief Magistrate Court Nnobi, Anambra State for trespassing, destruction of properties, stealing and false information to police among other criminal charges”.

“I, Ezekwenna am a nominal complainant and witness in the case, so I visit the court every time the case is scheduled for a hearing. I also filed a civil suit against Okaa at the High Court of Anambra State, for court declarations and the payment of damages”.

“Between 8.02 and 8.05 a.m. on Sunday, August 20, 2023, I received SMS text messages from two different numbers. Those two messages commanded me to call those numbers because my life was in danger. The messages read in part: “Mr. Bonaventure Ezekwenna call me now, I have a message for you before it gets late. Your life is in danger”


“I called both numbers, and the same man answered. The man who answered the phone introduced himself as an assassin, the leader of the assassination group hired by someone who paid him N500,000 to eliminate me.  He said: I have all the information about every movement of you, rs  and everything about you. He told me that if I gave him N250,000, he would not assassinate me again, rather, he would tell me the person who wants me dead and paid him to do it. He gave me up to noon of the same day as the deadline to pay the money in the account he sent to me”.

“Afternoon passed and I did not send any money to him, he sent me a text threatening to set my family house at Nnobi ablaze, among other things for being stubborn. He told me to watch what they will do to me”.

Tracking by national security officials determined the location of the “assassin” was Onitsha Prison, and the national security officials asked if I knew anyone in Onitsha Prison. I told them that the person I knew in Onitsha Prison who knows my name and phone number is one Mr. Oluwafemi Salako (aka Claude Gounou Aloukou), the self-proclaimed Yahoo+ cultist from Benin Republic who together with his associate and partner (Peter Chijioke Okaa) is currently standing trial at Chief Magistrate Court Nnobi. He was remanded by the court at Onitsha Prison”.

Other people in Onitsha Prison who will know me and my phone number are the guards who brought Salako to court. Femi Salako also stated in an open court that his associate and partner co-defendant Mr. Okaa visits him at Onitsha Prison frequently and they both knew my name and telephone number”.

On Saturday, September 16, 2023, I received another text message on my phone purported to be from Zone 13 Police Command Ukpo, O/C ZIB inviting me to the formation on allegations of attempted murder, violence, and criminal trespass”.


The names on the invitation were not my correct full names. It was addressed to Bonaventure Eze Ogbonna. Mr. Ezekwenna called the sender’s telephone number and pointed this out to him, but the sender claimed he was not part of the investigation team but just a police messenger and added that since they sent it to my phone number, the invitation was mine,  regardless of names or how it was addressed”.

“I made inquiries and petitioned CP Anambra State Police Command and DSS, Anambra State Command about these 2 suspicious incidents, which I believe may be the same assassination squad and Yahoo+ cult syndicate threatening to assassinate me, set my family house at Nnobi ablaze and attempting to extort money from me. I  also sent a petition to IGP which was assigned to SEB-FCID for investigation. And the investigation is ongoing at the moment”.

The key question raising a lot of suspicions is why police officers at Zone 13 Ukpo insisted on abducting me with the concocted name Eze Ogbonna?.

“In Nigeria in general, and Anambra State in particular, people are known to have been abducted, kidnapped, and disappeared without trace through such unethical, unprofessional, and illegal methods, and no one will know who did it”.

“The conduct of the police officers at Zone 13 Ukpo is highly unethical and unprofessional and warrants thorough investigation. I therefore wish to bring them to the attention of the Inspector General of Police and police authorities for thorough investigation and necessary actions”, said Mr. Ezekwenna.


“I make bold to say that discipline has collapsed in the Nigeria Police Force. Incredibly, the nation’s Inspector General of Police (IGP), the head of Nigerian Police Force will charge a suspect to court (Chief Magistrate Court Nnobi Anambra State), and the same suspect will hire some police officers at Zone 13 Ukpo to trail, abduct and eliminate a nominal complainant and witness in the case; the police officers trailed witness from court premises, thereby sabotaging the case being prosecuted by the IGP himself”,  said Mr. Ezekwenna.

“Police officers don’t operate like this. Only the death squads operate like this. This death squad has the bad characteristics of unknown gunmen (UGM) activities we read about almost every day. It’s shameful that these police officers have reduced our great Nigeria Police Force to this low”, added Mr. Ezekwenna.

“These police officers are worse than the death squad, they are worse than UGM, they are worse than terrorists: they fabricated allegations, they planned abduction, they trailed innocent witness from court premises, they even sat inside the courtroom and listened to the on-going court trial. The mission of the death squad is to abduct and assassinate the nominal complainant and witness to stop the trial. People are being killed, maimed, and caused to disappear in mostly Southeast Nigeria, causing insecurity and destabilization of communities in the region. The IGP and authorities of the Nigeria Police Force need to stop this horror,” Mr. Ezekwenna further said.

“I, therefore call on all relevant authorities of Nigeria Police Force to ask them what is going on, and impress it upon them to properly investigate, properly charge, and diligently prosecute all offenders”.

When contacted, the Zonal Police Public Relations Officer, ZPPRO, Josephine Ihunwo, a Superintendent of Police, SP, told newsmen on the phone that the case had been transferred to force headquarters, Abuja for thorough investigations.


The police had arraigned Okaa on a five-count charge of conspiracy, willful damages, and giving false information to the Inspector-General of the Police, IGP with intent to cause the police IGP to use his lawful power to the injury or annoyance on one Miss Nzube Victoria Mbachu and one Bonaventure Ezekwenna.

In the charge No. MIS/12c/2023, the prosecuting police officers, C. I. Eze Esq. and Kyije Roland Abang Esq. from Legal/Prosecution Section, police headquarters, Abuja, alleged that the accused person, Okaa had between July 2020 and October 2021 at Nnobi, Idemili Magisterial District, conspired with one Salako now at large and forcefully entered into a landed property with a survey plan No. GEO-B AN425 which is actual and peaceable possession of one Bonaventure Ezekwenna with intent to commit an offence therein.

The prosecution further alleged that Okaa and one Salako still at large had on April 2022 at Nigerian Police Force, NPF Headquarters, allegedly given false information to the Inspector-General of Police, IGP and his Investigating Police officers, IPOs that he duly purchased the land delineated in Survey Plan No. GEO-B/AN425/2021from one Miss Nzube Victoria Mbachu, the fact you know to be false with intent to cause the IGP to use his lawful power to the injury or annoyance of the said Miss Nzube Victoria Mbachu and one Bonaventure Ezekwenna.

The prosecution also accused the Okaa and Salako still at large of willfully and unlawfully damaging a building estimated at N10 million, property of one Bonaventure Ezekwenna.

The offenses, according to the prosecution, were contrary to Sections 75, 496 (a), 115, and 154 (1) (b) of the Criminal Code, Cap. 36, Vol.11 Revised Laws of Anambra State of Nigeria, 1991, as amended, as well as Section 7 of the Prohibition of Fraudulent Practices on Land, Property and other Related Matters Connected thereto, Law of Anambra state of Nigeria, 2012.


When the charges were read, the accused person pleaded not gúilty to all the charges, and the Presiding Chief Magistrate, Ken Nwoye granted him bail in the sum of N200,000 with one surety in the like sum.

The court ordered that the surety must be a resident of Nnobi Magisterial District. The matter was adjourned to Friday, January 26, 2024, for a formal handover of the case file to Anambra State Ministry of Justice for legal advice.

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Nigeria’s Aviation Team Visits Abia, Inspects New Airport Site As Gov Otti Announces Access Bank Partnership



The visiting federal government aviation team

In a renewed commitment to providing Abia State with a suitable airport, a federal government team from the Ministry of Aviation this week visited the state to inspect a proposed site for the planned new airport.

This comes as Abia State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti, announced that Access Bank, one of Nigeria’s leading financial institutions, has expressed a willingness to collaborate with the State Government on the airport development.

According to a press release from Kazie Uko, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, the Federal Government team was led by Dr. Emmanuel Meribeole, Permanent Secretary of, the Ministry of Aviation.
The team stated that it was in the state to ensure that the land and location approved for the project complied with regulatory requirements for airport siting.

Dr. Meribeole stated that the Federal Government is eager to complete the airport promptly, which prompted the visit of a team comprised of representatives from all of the country’s aviation agencies in charge of airport approvals and supervision to ensure compliance with required standards.

The team included aviation agencies such as the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET), the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), and the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA).


Meribeole, while acknowledging Governor Otti’s visionary leadership, stated that members of his team are experts in their respective agencies and that the Abia airport project has already been included in the 2024 Federal Appropriation Act, albeit as an airstrip.

He acknowledged that airport projects are capital intensive, but emphasised that the benefits of having an airport cannot be overstated, as they would lead to the state’s accelerated development through job creation, commerce promotion, revenue generation, and other factors.

Governor Otti, who welcomed the Federal aviation team, thanked President Bola Tinubu for approving the construction of an airstrip in Abia.

He stated that while the national budget included funding for an airstrip, the Abia State Government would collaborate with the Federal Government to expand the airstrip into a full-fledged airport, as the primary distinction between an airport and an airstrip is the length and size of the runway.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for agreeing to build an airstrip in Abia and including it in the approved budget for 2024.


“Even if the money is insufficient, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. So, we are grateful to him.

“We also want to thank my friend and brother, the Hon. Minister of Aviation, Barr. Festus Kyamo, SAN, for everything he has done to make this a reality. We are constantly on the phone, discussing and brainstorming ways to accelerate this process.

“I would like to thank you for joining us in our hurry to complete this project. Once we had reached an agreement, we began looking for suitable land, which is the most important aspect of an airport. There were a few places that were previously mapped out, but when we went for a physical inspection, we discovered that some of them did not have enough space or were not properly located for the airport.

“Another important aspect of an airport is location, so we have now narrowed it down to the location that you are currently looking at. We did more than just identify the location; we also identified the landowners because it is a large parcel of land. “We had already begun engaging with them,” Governor Otti stated.

The Governor assured the team that the State Government is ready to see the project through in record time, as the people of Abia are eager to have their airport, as the state is one of only two in Nigeria that does not have one. The other is Osun State.


“One thing you can take away from here is that the State will be in charge, and if anything is delayed, it is because it is coming from the centre; however, we are in a hurry.”

“I am personally involved in this, and I receive daily briefings. If I do not receive a briefing, I check in with them to see where we stand.

“So, this is to assure you that we are more than prepared and that you will receive everything you require in record time. And we hope that at least one airport will be built within the next year. “Once we have the runway and the terminal building, the rest will come in time,” he said.

The Federal Aviation team’s visit coincided with that of Access Bank, which was led by Mr. Roosevelt Ogbonna, Managing Director/CEO.

Governor Otti expressed Access Bank’s willingness to participate and partner with the Abia State Government on the airport project “to ensure that liquidity does not become a problem.”


According to Governor Otti, Access Bank has some experience financing airport projects, having helped deliver the Ogun State airport.

“I suggested to the CEO that the team meet with him so that we can bring them on board early enough. Our policy is not to borrow until necessary. If they had also been involved in one and delivered it, we could learn from their mistakes and build on the positive aspects,” the Governor said.


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Obi To Tinubu: A Nation That Budgets N10bn For Car Parks And N1bn For Hostels In 12 Tertiary Institutions Not Normal



Peter Obi and Bishop Ezeokafor at the occstion

*Donates N10m, Elevates Adazi College To World Class*

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s 2023 Presidential Candidate, has once again condemned the federal government’s obvious financial recklessness and misplacement of priorities in funding allocation.

Obi condemned the continued allocation of public resources to non-essential areas of development.

The bearer of the LP standard emphasises Nigeria’s poor and embarrassing position in the global average in school enrollment, despite the government’s budget of N1 billion for the construction of hostels in 12 tertiary institutions in Nigeria, while N10 billion is allocated to the construction of parking lots and recreational facilities.

Writing on his X platform, the former Anambra State Governor said
“As Africa’s economic powerhouse, I am still concerned about our country’s fiscal indiscipline.
“Consider the situation in our education sector, where the global average for secondary school enrollment is more than 80%, but Nigeria’s is only 28%.”
“The global average for tertiary school enrollment is greater than 55%, while Nigeria has less than 15%.
“Our budget for National Assembly Car Parks is N6 billion. The National Assembly Recreational Facilities have a budget of N4 billion.
“The total amount approved for the construction of hostels in 12 tertiary institutions is N1 billion.
It is time to put an end to this financial indiscipline and embrace financial discipline by allocating resources to critical areas of human and national development.
Meanwhile, somewhere in Amanda State, Mrs Ezenwuba Mary-Michael, Head of Department of Nursing, reports that Mr. Peter Obi’s ongoing support for the School of Nursing in Adazi, both as Governor and as a private citizen, has propelled the school to world standards.
She spoke on Monday evening, when Mr. Obi paid a visit to the school and presented a cheque for N10 million in additional assistance.
Ezenwuba praised Obi’s dedication to the school, stating that it is now on track to become a world-class nursing school with his support.
“The college’s history would be incomplete without mentioning his contributions. These include: he donated two coaster buses and one 18-seater bus to the school; he constructed two-story administrative and academic buildings, as well as a two-story student hostel.”
Mrs. Ezenwuba continued, “With Obi’s assistance and the school’s efforts, the college is now a full-fledged college of Nursing Sciences that has scaled accreditation by the National Board for Technical Education and the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and now awards Ordinary and Higher National Diplomas in addition to professional Certificates by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria”.
She, on the other hand, begged Obi to bring more students to the college.
Obi, for his part, promised to continue to assist the school.
He described healthcare as the most important aspect of development, and no discussion of it could be complete without mentioning nurses and midwives.
Obi said, “I will return.We are investing in a brighter future. If we do not train our children, including Almajiris, they will pose a threat to us tomorrow. “I will return this year to support what you are doing,” he concluded.
The Catholic Bishop of Awka, Most Rev. Pius Chukwuemeka Ezeokafor, who accompanied Obi to the College, stated that Obi has been very helpful to society and the church since before he became Governor.
Bishop Ezeokafor stated that Obi has done so much for the church that he has yet to see an equal in that regard, and that even though he is no longer governor, he continues to do so.
He stated that Obi is the best candidate for the presidency of Nigeria and apologised on behalf of Nigerians who had their hopes dashed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) following voting counting in last year’s election.
However, he believes that God is still at work.
Obi was surrounded by enthusiastic students who freely approached him during the event.

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Nigeria Signs New Plan For Effective Water Resource Management



The signing of the Strategic Catchment Management Plan (SCMP) by the Nigerian government is a significant step towards ensuring the long-term management and utilisation of the country’s water resources.

The Agro-Climatic Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscapes (ACReSAL) project, sponsored by the World Bank, is heavily reliant on the Strategic Catchment Management Plan.

Speaking at the signing ceremony on Monday, Hon. Balarabe Lawal, Minister of Environment, said it was an honour and privilege to sign the agreement for a critical initiative that will affect citizens’ lives and environmental health.

He stated, “Today marks a significant milestone in our collective efforts to protect the environment and ensure sustainable development. The Signing Ceremony for ACReSAL’s Strategic Catchment Management Plan (SCMP) is a significant step towards responsible natural resource management.”

He defined catchments as areas where water is collected and drained into natural or man-made channels. They are the foundation of our ecosystems, supporting livelihoods, agriculture, and biodiversity.


He went on to say, “As we all know, catchments are critical ecosystems that support livelihoods, provide high-quality water, and safeguard biodiversity. However, they face numerous challenges, including soil erosion, insufficient waste management, and climate change. The SCMP aims to address these issues through management practices that are efficient, effective, and sustainable.

“The Integrated Catchment Management Plan lays out a long-term strategy for the sustainable development and use of water and other resources. It ensures that land, water, and related resources are developed and managed in a coordinated manner while preserving the viability of critical ecosystems.”

He stated: “The goal of this CMP is to provide several agreed-upon investments in infrastructure as well as other interventions and actions to help resolve conflict, conserve and protect the catchment and its natural resources, and ensure equitable access to and use of water resources.”

He said, “The Ministry of Environment, under my leadership, has promised Nigerians improvements in environmental sustainability interventions and initiatives. Indeed, what we are witnessing today demonstrates President Tinubu’s administration’s commitment to nature restoration and ecosystem protection.

“By implementing the SCMP, the ministries of Environment, Agriculture, and Water Resources will not only ensure long-term agro-climatic and land management but also improve the living conditions of northern Nigerian communities. This catchment plan will help to reduce poverty, promote sustainable agriculture, and safeguard the environment. Providing livelihoods for future generations.


Previously, the consultant in charge of the project and the Managing Director of Mecon Geology and Engineering Services Ltd, Chuka Offodile, explained that the strategic catchment management plan study of the northern parts of Nigeria begins first with the scientific delineation of the entire northern Nigeria into 20 mega-catchments, then the scientific assemblage and analysis of data in that framework as a planning tool with its component natural and environmental resources.

He went on to say, “Water is central to environmental issues!” In many areas of northern Nigeria, there is either too little available, resulting in desertification and deforestation with badland topography, or too much water, resulting in flooding, gullying, soil leaching/erosion, and possibly water pollution due to contaminants in the air, on the surface, or groundwater resources, resulting in minimal to no available water resources for livelihoods, skewed biodiversity, and other socio-economic land uses, leading to lower agricultural production. There could be little surface water but plenty of groundwater, or vice versa, with all of the interacting components within each catchment’s communities!!!”

He stated: “In other words, we would identify and study the most significant water resource or resources within each catchment, as well as the challenges/environmental problems associated with anthropogenic (socioeconomic activ es ities) and natural phenomena, evaluating the geospatial relationship or interplay of all factors within each catchment.

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