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Uzodimma To His Offenders: I Have Forgiven You



  • Ugorji Admonishes Politicians To Serve God, Humanity*

Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State has said that he has forgiven all those who offended him while he was discharging his duty as Governor in the past four years.

He made the remarks on Sunday at the Maria Assumpta Cathedral Owerri during a Pre- inauguration cum Armed Forces Remembrance Day Thanksgiving Service where he used the opportunity to renew his covenant with God and the people of Imo State concerning his governorship and resolve to serve only God and humanity.

Emphasising that he had wholeheartedly forgiven all those who had offended him, Governor Uzodimma also urged those he may have offended in the course of discharging his official duties to find a place in their hearts to forgive him as well.

The Governor noted: “In renewing this covenant, I also acknowledge my imperfections as a mere mortal. In the course of doing this job as a Governor, I may have, wittingly or unwittingly offended some people. I want to take advantage of my presence here at the altar of God to apologise to these persons and ask to be forgiven.

“In the same spirit, I have wholeheartedly forgiven those who may have offended me. I crave peace for our State.  In that wise, let us work together in an atmosphere of peace for the progress of our State. ”

It was on a day His Grace, Most Rev Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji, the Metropolitan See of Owerri Archdiocese of the Catholic Church, in his homily reminded politicians of the need to use their positions to serve God and humanity.

Governor Uzodimma said he was aware that only God gives power and having entrusted the same in his care, first in 2020 and now following his re-election, the last thing he would do is misuse it.

He said: “I know for a fact that I would never have been the Governor of Imo State without the approval of God.  He made it clear that He bestows power on those He wishes. I also know my covenant with Him, which is to serve faithfully and honestly.  I am here today to renew that covenant with God and the people of Imo State. I am also here to express my gratitude to God for the privilege of making me a Governor for the second time.”

The Governor canvassed for peace and invited all Imo people to embrace peace and unity so that the State could experience the development of everybody’s dream.

On the Armed Forces Remembrance Day, Governor Uzodimma said it was not a coincidence that his inauguration Thanksgiving and swearing-in ceremony on January 15 are taking place at the same time, reminding the congregation of the need to pursue peace in our country.

He sought prayers, always, for the souls of the departed soldiers who died defending the country and at the same, appealed to the public not to forget to take care of the families of the dead soldiers left behind.

He promised that his government would continue to fulfill her obligations toward the well-being of the families of the unknown soldiers as well as those still in service.

The Governor assured that his message of Shared Prosperity, Renewed Hope, Rebuild Imo, and Cure for Poverty and Development of Imo State as an organised Society where peace, progress, and tranquillity shall continue to resonate.

Governor Uzodimma’s remarks read in full: “We have just held a Thanksgiving Church Service for two very important events, namely the Armed Forces Remembrance Day and my inauguration for a second term in office. First, we are here to remember and pray for the repose of the souls of members of the armed forces, who lost their lives in the course of defending our fatherland, as well as the military veterans who are still living. Secondly, we are here to thank God for my successful re-election ahead of my Inauguration which will take place tomorrow. I consider it a divine and unique coincidence that these two events are taking place on the same day.

“The departed members of our Armed Forces whom we remember and pray for today are heroes and heroines who lost their lives during the Civil War and other battles in the course of their national assignments. These national assignments were necessary to ensure that peace remained in the land. Incidentally, the sober nature of the Armed Forces Remembrance Day moderates the mood that should normally be associated with the appreciation of the high responsibility of the office of the governor, which God and the people of Imo State have entrusted to me.

“Both occasions remind us of the supremacy of peace in the land, without which governance cannot thrive. Both occasions also remind us of the ephemeral nature of power and life itself and, therefore, the need for leaders to exercise power for the sole benefit of society. It is for these reasons that I compare the two occasions to Siamese twins who are inseparable.

“For me, therefore, it is both a privilege and a reminder of the sacred duties of my high office that I am being inaugurated on the same day we remember the sacrifices that our patriotic soldiers made to keep the peace.

“Let me thank our host, His Grace, Most Rev Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji, Metropolitan See of Owerri Archdiocese of the Catholic Church, for availing us of the opportunity and space for both ceremonies.  I also commend all other clergy both from the Catholic Church and other denominations for joining us in this important church service.

“I know for a fact that I would never have been the governor of Imo State without the approval of God.  He made it clear that He bestows power on those He wishes. I also know my covenant with Him, which is to serve faithfully and honestly.  I am here today to renew that covenant with God and the people of Imo State. I am also here to express my gratitude to God for the privilege of making me a governor for the second time.

“In renewing this covenant, I also acknowledge my imperfections as a mere mortal. In the course of doing this job as a governor, I may have, wittingly or unwittingly offended some people. I want to take advantage of my presence here at the altar of God to apologize to these persons and ask to be forgiven. In the same spirit, I have wholeheartedly forgiven those who may have offended me.  I  crave peace for our state.  In that wise, let us work together in an atmosphere of peace for the progress of our state.

“Let us always remember that it was also in the course of the search for peace that thousands of our countrymen whom we remember here today lost their lives in battles.  By paying the supreme price, they offered the nation the relative peace we are enjoying today.  Their sacrifice should not be in vain. This is why the government has set aside a particular day for their remembrance.

“While we pray for the repose of their souls, we must remember the people they left behind; wives, husbands, children, fathers, and mothers. The way we treat these dependents would actually determine if we value the sacrifices of the fallen heroes and heroines. This is not the responsibility of only the government but of all Nigerians.

“For the government of Imo State, we shall not relent in our efforts to provide succor to the dependants of departed members of the armed forces and for veterans who are still alive. We shall continue to partner with the Nigerian Legion and all other similar organizations that see to the welfare of the veterans and the families of our departed heroes.

“While we pray for our gallant officers, both living and dead, I urge the body of Christ to continue to uphold Imo State in prayers. Please do not relent in your prayers for a peaceful Imo State.

“Thank you and may God bless all of us.”

Earlier in his homily, Archbishop Ugorji reminded those in positions of authority that God gives them power to serve him and the people.

The Archbishop applauded the Armed Forces on their efforts to keep Nigeria one and the efforts of the Nation to remember the fallen heroes and heroes, not forgetting their families.

“The Veterans (Legion) deserve our attention; they need not only our sympathy but equally our assistance by donating generously to the Nigerian Legion Trust Fund.”

He called on Nigerians to refrain from lives of selfishness that shield them from patriotism just as he called for holiness anchored on chastity, honesty, purity, and obedience.

The Archbishop said that political leadership means leading with the fear of God and in accordance with the Constitution.

He appealed for peace to reign in all aspects of society, calling on those behind the terror, kidnapping, and killings to sheath their swords.

The Archbishop took a swipe at those behind the “media war’’ in Imo State that tends to heat up the polity, create hatred and division, and cause more problems for the society and urged those behind such to refrain forthwith.

“Media war has cost a lot of devastation to the State and Nigeria in general,” he said and called on those using the media as a weapon of attack to “stop the crusade of calumny.”

The Archbishop also harped on the need for those in positions of authority to shun corruption which he said, has become endemic in all sectors of the society.

Turning to Governor Uzodimma and the Deputy Governor-elect, Lady Chinyere Ekomaru, both of whom will be sworn in tomorrow, Ugorji committed them into the hands of God and prayed that God should endear them with the spirit of wisdom and understanding as they navigate the ship of Imo State for the next four years.

Top government dignitaries, the Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Alfred Nnaemeka Achebe, serving and former senators, and heads of the Armed Forces in Imo State joined the Governor and his wife, Barr. Chioma at the Thanksgiving Service.





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Julius Berger, Nigerian Army Sign MoU On Training Of Personnel



Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, Nigeria’s leading engineering construction company, last week signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, with Armed Forces Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Mechatronic School (AFEME), indicating a collaborative commitment to training its personnel and students.

Speaking at the MoU signing, Capt. Mohammed Idris, Head of AFEME Mechatronics School and the event’s host, described the day as’momentous’, as the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the School and Julius Berger Nigeria Plc represents another key milestone in the company’s consistency of purpose and proactive contribution to the country’s industrial and technological development and advancement.

Capt Mohammed stated that “this alliance is important because it will foster a skilled workforce in the field of Mechatronics, aligning with the ever-changing demands of the industry; and contribute significantly to the growth and advancement of the Mechatronics sector in Nigeria.” He emphasised that the emerging shared vision for the future will result in a competent, innovative, and adaptable workforce. That came as he congratulated the school and Julius Berger on their bold step towards shaping Nigeria’s educational and professional futures.

Francois Roos, Head of Julius Berger’s Plant and Equipment Department, who, in collaboration with the Human Resource Department, coordinates the Academy’s work, stated that Julius Berger seeks to further enhance the company’s and country’s productivity by taking proactive initiatives to develop the capacities of young minds. Taking that into account, he stated, “We have to train people for the future because if we don’t, we will not be able to contact the benefit of the future offices, and for us at Julius Berger, that is very important, and yes, it is the future of the young people, but we also have to train some more people so that they can help to give the experience of the past to the younger people.”

During the MOU signing, the Head of the German Technical Advisory Group stated that he would appreciate it if Julius Berger became the industry representative, as the national industry will support the development of the new plan, which is larger than what we can see in AFEME right now. The mechanics must know how to operate the machines; however, this is the foundation, and we will do an excellent job. It is going to be a big one because it will help develop cooperation in Nigeria, as well as industry experience.”

Roos agreed with Col Abel, who stated that progress is dependent on how people perceive the future.

In terms of the future, the PED Head compared today’s vehicles to those of the future, stating that today’s vehicles must still be manned or driven by someone who understands at least some of the maintenance so that if something goes wrong with the vehicle, he can repair it. While a modern vehicle may not require a driver, one will only need to tell it what to do without knowing even the most basic services. As a result, we will require people known as Technicians rather than Mechanics, he explained.

He went on to say that some people in his organisation had been heard saying that we do not need to train the employees because if we do, they will leave. However, Richard Bradson stated, “What if you do not train the workers and they stay? Imagine the standard and quality that you will have.

While stating that Himernuel, the Academy’s leader, is always available, he praised Cpt Idris, the Head of AFEME Mechatronics School, for deserving the commendation from Col Abel and thanked him for his cooperation, as well as Mr. Ojomo, Julius Berger’s HR Head, for his support of the Academy.

In his remarks, Ojomo thanked the organisers for believing in Julius Berger, saying, “I have no doubt that this is the beginning of greater things to come.” We are very passionate about the development of our employees, and we will have something for Nigerians in the coming weeks as part of our CSR.

Ojomo stated that Julius Berger will continue to support AFEME’s dream, and he thanked Captain Idris for his support.

The MoU was signed by the School’s Head of German Technical Advisory Group, Lt. Col. Frank Abel, and Julius Berger’s Head of Plant and Equipment Department, Francois Roos, on behalf of the company, in the presence of Julius Berger’s Human Resource Manager, Femi Ojomo, Head of Plant and Equipment Academy, Ajamah Himernuel, Adeyinka Adeniyi, and the Head of AFEME School, Capt. Idris Mohammed. Michael Ashofor, Talent Management Manager, was joined at the event by Uzoma Olivia and Moses Happiness, both from the Media Relations Office.

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Marwa Compliments Britian On The Marine Headquarters Project For NDLEA



Brig. Gen. Buba Marwa (rtd), Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), has praised the British Government for offering to provide headquarters and personnel accommodation for the anti-narcotics body’s Marine Unit at Eko Atlantic City Beach.

Marwa, who delivered the commendation during the groundbreaking ceremony to mark the start of the project facilitated by the UK Home Office International Operations (HOIO), promised that the agency would continue to meet the expectations of Nigerians and international partners.

He stated that President Bola Tinubu’s and the UK government’s confidence in the agency, as well as their overall support, will always serve as a morale booster for the officers and men who daily take huge risks to dismantle drug cartels with the sole goal of curbing the menace of substance abuse and illicit drug trafficking in Nigeria, while also significantly contributing to the global effort to address the drug problem.

He stated that the UK government’s office and accommodation facilities for the agency’s marine unit personnel will significantly improve their safety, efficiency, and confidence. “You have given us a place to stay, trainings, boats, repairs, and now accommodation. We can only say “thank you.” We want to reassure you that the NDLEA is a serious agency that does what it has to do without fear or favour, and that we will get the job done. I can give you this assurance as we continue to collaborate. Thank you very much,” the NDLEA boss said while addressing British government officials and contractors at the project’s site.

He also praised personnel from the Navy, Customs, Immigration, and other local services for their cooperation with NDLEA. “We must all stand together; while the NDLEA is the lead agency in this enterprise, the work is collaborative. To accomplish the task, we must work together. I have been informed that there is a lot of collaboration going on in the same way. I was at MMIA this morning and spoke with your senior colleagues, who are all working together while you are here. I encourage you to keep up this spirit, and I wish you continued success.”

Addressing Unit officers, Marwa stated that the agency’s leadership is restructuring the Marine Unit so that it “can become a lean and mean force under an able commander,” adding, “you should brace up, stand up on your two feet, and work very hard to ensure that drugs do not pass by water.”

Kris Hawksfield of the UK Home Office International Operations assured attendees at the ceremony that the project would be completed by July 2024.

Speaking earlier at a War Against Drug Abuse (WADA) advocacy meeting with the leadership of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN), Marwa stated that the organisation must collaborate with the Agency to combat substance abuse and illicit drug trafficking. He urged PMAN President Prettywise Okafor and other executives to rally their members to use their God-given talents for the betterment of society rather than using music to promote drug abuse, particularly among young people.

Okafor’s response expressed PMAN’s willingness to collaborate with the Agency. He also discussed their efforts to organise an advocacy campaign against drug abuse across the country, as well as their plans to build rehabilitation centres as part of ongoing projects in Abuja and Lagos.

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Nigerian Government, Stakeholders Brainstorm To Avoid Perennial Flooding In Abuja.



The federal government and prominent stakeholders have devised strategies to raise awareness of the Federal Capital Territory’s (FCT) perennial erosion and flooding problems, particularly in the Trademore Estate in Lugbe.

At the Stakeholders Meeting on Annual Flooding at Lugbe Trademore Estate and Environs held in Abuja on Tuesday, the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Environment, Mahmud Kambari, tasked stakeholders to brainstorm and provide potential solutions to prevent annual erosion and flooding in the capital.

The Permanent Secretary, who was represented by the Director Special Duties in his office, Mrs, Adelopo Oluwatoyin, reiterated the importance of the meeting considering the incessant flooding along River Pyakasa during annual rainy season and its devastating impact on Trademore Estate and its Envrions.

Kambari noted that, “The annual flood event along this river has been occurring since 2019, which has cost the nation huge loss of lives and property of citizens. The event is attributed to, among other things, climate change through unusual downpour, urbanisation through population and infrastructure growth, undersized hydraulic structures, and siltation of hydraulic structures and the Pyakasa River.

The flooding, according the the Permanent Secretary, has affected the economy of Federal Capital Territory and Nigeria at large with devastating effect on livelihood and the ecosystem.

He decried the loss of market that was flooded in Goza community and farmlands at Kuje community, noting that the situation if not addressed could be worsen in different parts of FCT due to rate of population growth and its impact of water waves.

He said the ministry deem it fit to gather all relevant stakeholders together in the meeting in order to exchange ideas that will make FCT safe from flooding, and encourages sustainable development.

He asserted Government’s Commitment to safety of lives and properties in the estate and Nigeria at large. “I remind you of the commitment of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu Renewed Hope Agenda towards ensuring a sustainable quality environment devoid of annual havocs occasion by flood, the administration recognises the need to urgently provide steps to assuage the problem and its attendance hardship in the FCT. It is this commitment that necessitated the organisation of the stakeholders meeting.”

Kambari however urged stakeholders to share ideas and show the New Zeal towards addressing the flood challenges along Pyakasa River.

Earlier, in his welcome address, the Director of the Ministry’s Erosion, Flood, and Coastal Zone Management Department, Mr Dilichukwu Etigbue, stated that the flooding in Trademore Estate has caused massive economic losses to the FCT and the nation.

He noted that the workshop with the stakehokders is at the instance of his department to take proactive steps to avert the reoccurrence through proper handling of waste and adhering to FG directives and advise on flood warning signals and flood management to help address some of the challenges.

Etigbue said flooding along Pyakasa River has become an annual event with Trademore Estate been its major flash point.

Speaking further he said, as you all are aware, the Department of Erosion, flood and Coastal Zone Management had it’s statutory responsibility of formulating environmental policies, measures that are relevant to solve erosion and flood control management through out the country and this meeting is to enable us have a robust deliberation on ways to avert this annual disaster.

He pointed out that the Ministry has documented the root causes of the erosion which would be shown during the technical session for inputs and way forward for a safer Trademore and other areas affected by flood.

In the same vein, the Deputy Director Environmental Services, Division of Safe the Town Development Department, FCDA, Mr. Lateef Olawuwo called on the general public to support the government policy as this will help in addressing erosion control.

Olawumo disclosed that supporting the FG policy is very crucial as most of the problems we are talking about can be tackled if we adhere to building plan, not tempering with green areas as well as living just and fair without building on flood plains and blocking the drainage.

“If you love our environments, you love yourself because your environment is you, if you treat the environment in a negative way the impacts are the consequences coming back to us. The message we have for everybody here that we should please support the policy that will help everybody so that at the end of the day, we will have the focus to glorify.” He added.

He also pointed out that there should be more enforcement of these policies if we have to enjoy the Environment we all crave for.

“The message we have majorly is support from all stakeholders, the developers, the residents, and all sorts of people so that at the end of the day everybody will be happy.” He concluded.

The representative of Trade More Estate, Mr Abdul Abubakar in his remark, appealed to the government to quickly swing into action to come up with solutions to address the menace.

Abubakar noted that if urgent measures are not taken the flooding issue will still occur.

“So now that we are expecting rain again, definitely all the residents in Trademore are already scared of the outcome, so this is an opportunity for us to really say our minds on this, Trademore itself is not where the problem lies, but because of where it is located,” he said.

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