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Oraifite Community In Anambra May Have Two Monarchs, Two Kingdoms



There are strong indications that the ancient town of Oraifite in Anambra State’s Ekwusigo Local Government Area may have been split into two kingdoms, with two different monarchs ruling over each.

These signs manifest as the Unodu and Ezumeri quarters compete for the Oraifite dynasty’s traditional stool. While the Oraifite dynasty’s throne is currently located in Unodu quarters, with His Royal Highness Igwe Dr. Dan Udoji serving as the community’s traditional ruler, Ezumeri quarters believed that the traditional stool should have been located within Ezumeri territory as the eldest son.

As a result, at a press conference convened by High Chief Sir Stanley Okwudilichukwu Chukwujekwu, Ezumeri quarters stated that Igwe Dan Udoji was not an Oraifite indigene and therefore could not be the community’s traditional ruler.

Ezumeri also informed journalists that Dan Udoji had been fired and ordered to stop parading, posing, and acting as Oraifite’s traditional ruler. That the Ezumeri quarters should begin the process of installing another traditional ruler. They claimed that the legal battle between Ezumeri and Dan Udoji lasted 18 years before being resolved in favour of Ezumeri quarters.

However, Barr. B.I Chukwuma, legal adviser to the Oraifite Igwe-In-Council and the Oraifite ancient kingdom, who spoke on behalf of the traditional ruler, stated that all of the claims made by Ezumeri quarters were lies from hell.


Regardless, during the media conference, Chief Stanley Okwudilichukwu Chukwujekwu insisted that the Court had removed Dan Udoji and directed them to produce another traditional ruler as soon as possible.

He stated that it would not be surprising if he was appointed the new traditional ruler of the Oraifite kingdom from Ezumeri quarters. That after an 18-year legal battle, it was only natural that he would accept the responsibility of being the genuine monarch of the Oraifite community if his people collectively bestowed the mandate on him, despite the fact that he was from the royal clan of the Oraifite kingdom (Ime-obi).

Chukwujekwu, also known as Ezeakaekpuonwa Na Oraifite, maintained that the Court ordered that the Certificate of Recognition issued to Igwe Dan Udoji by the Mbadinuju administration be revoked immediately, and that there is currently no traditional ruler in the Oraifite community.

Chief Chukwujekwu went on to say that Igwe Dan Udoji is from Anumanu in the Ogbaru Local Government Area, and they moved to Oraifite and settled in Ibolo. According to him, historical records show that the eldest son of the Oraifite dynasty, Isi Obi, lived within the Ezumeri quarters. He mentioned Unodu, Ire-efi, and Ifite in order of seniority.

He was emphatic, however, that the Oraifite Constitution provided for the town’s kingship to be rotated amongst the four quarters, namely Ezumeri, Unodu, Ire-efi, and Ifite.


However, according to Chief Chukwujekwu, some members of the community banded together and approached the government, allegedly purchasing a Certificate of Recognition for Dan Udoji, who was away in the United States of America, for N500,000.00.

He stated, “Dr. Dan Udoji returned from the United States and suddenly began posing as the traditional ruler of Oraifite. I am not sure where and when the three-quarters of Obis gathered to crown him Igwe of Oraifite. I am sure nobody did that.

Based on his certificate, he began parading himself and going everywhere as Igwe of Oraifite, as well as buying people over to gain more support.
Chukwujekwu believed that Ezumeri believes in due process of law and thus decided to go to court. He claimed that throughout the legal battle, Dan Udoji received royalties from the Anambra State Government because he consistently stated that he possessed the certificate. He also appointed himself to the Anambra State Traditional Rulers’ Council while still in Court with Ezumeri quarters.

He stated that the Court’s decision was issued last year on July 5, 2023, and was in favour of Ezumeri quarters, with Dr. Dan Udoji and other defendants ordered to pay the plaintiff (Ezumeri quarters) N1000,000.00 as cost of action.

However, Barr. B.I Chukwuma, the legal adviser to Oraifite Igwe-In-Council, told this journalist that the case between Ezumeri quarters and Igwe Dan Udoji was still pending in court. Chukwuma stated that Oraifite has been one indivisible town since its inception, consisting of four quarters: Ezumeri, Unodu, Ire-efi and Ifite.


He stated that there is no kingdom named Anumanu, and that His Royal Highness Igwe Dr. Dan Udoji is Anumanu the 8th of the Oraifite Kingdom. That no quarter of Oraifite has ever agitated to rule themselves as an autonomous community, and that all of the efforts of those who convened the media briefing were not only aimed at removing the traditional ruler from his throne, but also a calculated effort to cause confusion and rancour and throw the Oraifite community into disarray.

B.I Chukwuma stated, “We are always ready to challenge any libellous publications or cyberbullying in court. They want to disrupt the Oraifite community. They want to create confusion in this particular town. There are just a few elements. Though I do not know who is spreading these lies, please bring them to light so that we can take legal action against them for any libellous publications against the traditional ruler.

On the issue of Igwe Dan Udoji not being an Oraifite indigene, the legal luminary stated that such baseless allegations were the result of a few individuals who simply wanted to be mischievous. That the Obiship in Oraifite has been passed down through generations and has never been a source of contention.

According to the lawyer, His Royal Highness Igwe Dr. Dan Udoji is the Anumanu 8th of the Oraifite Kingdom, and the Udoji family has been the sole producer of the Obi of Oraifite. He denied that someone from another town could be the Obi of Oraifite. That such lies were intended to deceive the general public.

He also advised the public not to believe anything said by the aforementioned elements because there is a matter pending in court, and as a lawyer, he understands the consequences of speaking on a subjudice. Again, B.I Chukwuma challenged Ezumeri quarters to put in writing that the Court had directed them to begin the process of installing another traditional ruler.


He stated that the Court’s approval to install another Igwe at Ezumeri quarters is a lie. He does not want to be dragged into the case because it is already in court.

The legal adviser to Igwe Dan Udoji also stated that there was no provision in the Constitution for the rotation of kingship among the four quarters of Oraifites. That the kingship of Oraifite has always been reserved exclusively for Unodu quarters since the beginning of time.

Meanwhile, Nze Godwin Ubabugo, who spoke at the media briefing, stated that he is from Ifite-Oraifite and that after Igwe Udo Ubaka’s death, the kingship returned to Ezumeri quarters. However, much to their dismay, one Ben Aghaeze (Bentraco) went and purchased a Certificate of Recognition for Dan Udoji, who was at the time overseas.

Nze Ubabugo recalled that there was never a time when the entire Oraifite community came together to crown Dan Udoji as their traditional ruler, and that he received his certificate of Igweship while absent. According to him, this has resulted in nothing but dissatisfaction and disharmony in Oraifite town.

He stated that now that Ezumeri had won in court, there was a need for a roundtable peace meeting to advise Dan Udoji to relinquish his certificate and allow Ezumeri to produce Igwe Oraifite rather than pursuing litigation.


In a similar development, Chief Ubabugo stated that the chieftaincy titles conferred by Igwe Dan Udoji on December 29th, last year, were not endorsed by the Nze Na Ozo Council of Oraifite Kingdom because they rejected his invitation on the condition that he did not hold an Ozo title.

At the press conference, Ezumeri officials agreed that if Dan Udoji does not abdicate the throne, two monarchs could emerge in Oraifite.

Hence High Chief Stanley Okwudilichukwu Chukwujekwu insisted that Ezumeri quarters would produce Igwe Oraifite while Dan Udoji reigned over his Anumanu kingdom.


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Edi Abali Group Raises Alarm Over Security Threat To Ancestral Home, Assets Of Ahaji Dokubo-Asari By Military




The Edi Abali Group has expressed concern about a security threat to the ancestral home and assets of
Alhaji Mujahid Abubakr Dokubo-Asari, the Paramount Ruler of Edi Abali Group of War Canoe and Chieftaincy Houses in the Kalabari Kingdom of Rivers State, by the military.
According to a public notice issued by the Edi Abali Group, credible intelligence has revealed plans by elements of the 103 Battalion of the Nigerian Army in Obuama to provoke a confrontation and disrupt the peace in the area.
The notice states that the plot is aimed specifically at Alhaji Mujahid Abubakr Dokubo-Asari, who is currently out of the country. The army allegedly intends to use his absence to instigate a crisis that could be falsely blamed on community members, resulting in attacks on innocent people. The Edi Abali Group confirms that there are no conflicts between their community, the army, and Alhaji Mujahid Abubakr Dokubo-Asari or his company, Royal Fouche Services Limited.
According to the notice, tensions arose after Alhaji Mujahid Abubakr Dokubo-Asari spoke out about the involvement of some Nigerian Army personnel in oil bunkering activities in the Niger Delta. These activities allegedly deprived the government of much-needed revenue, causing dissatisfaction among these elements. The group believes that they are deliberately inciting a crisis involving Royal Fouche Services personnel to justify an attack on innocent Kalabari indigenes, particularly in Obuama, where Alhaji Mujahid Abubakr Dokubo-Asari and the 103 Battalion are stationed.
Mr Mpakaboari Pankin Braide stated:
“The army in Obama is aware of his absence from the country and intends to use it to incite a crisis that will be falsely attributed to community members, resulting in attacks on innocent people.”
The Edi Abali Group urges the Nigerian Army to be aware of this plot and not be duped into jeopardising peace and security in the region. They also highlight Alhaji Mujahid Abubakr Dokubo-Asari and Royal Fouche Services Limited’s successful collaboration with security agencies in the fight against terrorism, kidnapping, and insurgency.
The group intends to inform the public, as well as the people of Kalabari and Rivers State, about the planned provocation against innocent people, including Alhaji Mujahid Abubakr Dokubo-Asari.
They emphasise his determination to assist President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Federal Government and Governor Sim Fubara’s Rivers State Governments in ensuring the safety and security of all Nigerians.
According to Mr Mpakaboari Pankin Braide, Secretary Edi Abali, Group of War Canoe and Chieftaincy Houses: “We want the public, particularly the people of Kalabari and Rivers State, to be aware of this planned provocation against innocent people, including Alhaji Mujahid Abubakr Dokubo-Asari, who remains committed to assisting the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led Federal Government and the Governor Sim Fubara-led Rivers State Governments in ensuring the safety and security of all Nigerians.”

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‘Unveiling The Truth Of Boko Haram,’ Group Launches Audio Series Of Insurgency In North East



Book Haram insugents

The newly formed coalition of civil society organisations known as ‘The Truth Alliance’, which is dedicated to shedding light on the truth behind the reality of life inside and outside Boko Haram, has released a gripping three-part audio series titled “Unveiling the Truth of Boko Haram” to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the kidnapping of the Chibok Girls in Northeast Nigeria.

According to a statement issued on Sunday, “Boko Haram’s presence in Nigeria has had far-reaching consequences for the region’s peace and stability, resulting in the destruction of families and communities and forcing many people to live in IDP camps.” Each person has a unique story to tell about how they were persuaded to join and how their lives, and those of their families, were destroyed as a result.
Others tell the story of how they became innocent victims of Boko Haram’s destructive path.

“Through this evocative series, each story reveals the truth behind the way each was manipulated, lied to and impacted, telling others not to fall into their trap.

“Each story delves into the harrowing experiences of those affected by Boko Haram’s atrocities, including Islamic clerics, as seen through the eyes of those who were once involved or impacted by the group.
Among the stories told is that of Bukar Bukar, a survivor who was brutally attacked by armed assailants in 2015 and is now living in an IDP camp.
According to the statement in this series, Bukar Bukar revealed that following the initial attack on their village: “The northern part of our village is a bush, and Boko Haram came through it to fight the military until the next morning when they arrested some of our youth.
” Ever since then, I said that we were not going to do any farming activity because members of Boko Haram were killed.
“Boko Haram are like Camels; they don’t forget things that are done to them easily. 1000 military personnel were sent to us but after a while, they became a little less than 100”.

Other stories in the series will include that of Modu Mustapha, a farmer and father of seven children who escaped Boko Haram twice: Shown exclusively on the Truth Alliance’s YouTube channel and across various social media platforms, audiences worldwide are invited to bear witness to the untold truths of life inside and outside Boko Haram in Nigeria.


According to the statement, The Truth Alliance is committed to unmasking the truth behind violent and extremist groups and empowering communities to resist tyranny and violence.
Through education, outreach, and collaboration, the Truth Alliance strives to build a safer, more resilient society for all.
In a campaign tagged ‘Time to Tell the Truth’, the Truth Alliance has come together to expose the truth behind how violent extremist groups draw young people into their ranks.

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Nigerians Urged To Stand Against Sufferings Caused By Violent Extremist Groups



Chibok schoolgirls

The Truth Alliance has invited all Nigerians to join its campaign and speak out against the suffering caused by violent extremist groups, claiming that “Together, we can save lives, protect our communities, and uphold the values of peace, tolerance, and unity.”
In a statement issued on Sunday, the group said: “Ten years ago, the world was shocked by the terrorist group Boko Haram’s abduction of over 270 innocent girls from Chibok. While some have managed to escape and others have been returned, many remain missing, their fate unknown.
“In the decade since this tragic event, numerous violent extremist groups have continued to carry out acts of terror, wreaking havoc and causing untold suffering to countless innocent Nigerians. These groups thrive on spreading fear, death, and destruction, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake.
“As an alliance of NGOs and Civil Society groups, we have united under the banner of ‘Time to Tell the Truth’ to shed light on the harsh realities of life inside these extremist groups. We aim to expose the lies and deceptions they employ to lure individuals into joining their ranks and carrying out their agenda of destruction.
“On this solemn 10th anniversary, we stand together to remind the authorities and all relevant stakeholders that the abduction of the Chibok girls remains a poignant chapter in our national history—a stark reminder of the atrocities committed by violent extremist groups. It serves as a solemn call to action to ensure that such a tragedy is never repeated.
“Beyond the Chibok girls themselves, we recognise that there are “Chibok Girls” in every community—girls who, despite all odds, strive for an education and a better future.” Their resilience embodies the spirit of hope amidst adversity, and it is our collective responsibility to safeguard their right to education and security.”
The Truth Alliance, according to the statement, is dedicated to uncovering the truth behind violent extremist groups and empowering communities to resist tyranny and violence. Through education, outreach, and collaborative efforts, we strive to create a safer and more resilient society for all Nigerians.
“In our campaign dubbed ‘Time to Tell the Truth’, the Truth Alliance aims to expose the tactics employed by violent extremist groups to recruit and radicalise young people.

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