APC Group Raises The Alarm Over Plan To Sabotage Party

  • Calls For Expulsion Of AMAC Chairman

A political group under the auspices of APC Concern Forum (ACF) on Friday raised the alarm over plot by aggrieved members of the party led by the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) incumbent Chairman, Hon. Abdullahi Candido to scuttle the victory of the party in the council during the February 12 chairmanship election.

Comrade Joseph Jonah, coordinator of the group who made this known in a press briefing said the meeting to work against the party by Candido and his supporters was held on Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

He hinted that they have pictorial and audio evidence where the AMAC boss told supporters to do whatever it takes to ensure that the APC chairmanship candidate did not get victory during the election.

According to Jonah, Candido made it emphatically clear to his supporters that the fight against the party is a victory they must achieve during the forthcoming election, that if his candidate does not get the position, no other APC candidate will get it.

Janah, however, stressed that this is nothing but complete sabotage of the party to the extent that they are bent on throwing away the love the party has shown to them in the past, by allowing their selfish interest to override the interest of the party.

According to him, “That is why we are calling on the national and state leadership of the party to expel Abdullahi Candido and his team which we will mention their names when the right time comes. Because if this is not done, we will not guarantee the victory of the party during the election.

“Candido is bent on sabotaging the party during the election, he has put in place all plans and modalities that would ensure that his supporters would use to make it possible by pretending to be working for the party while they are working for the opposition party.

“We have our facts intact on how they are planning the sabotage. If we want victory during the election’, Candido and his team should be expelled from the party immediately. Because they pretend to be friends of the party, while they are the real enemies of the party”.

We are raising this alarm so that the FCT and National leadership of the party will be aware of the plans by Candido and his supporters. We have evidence where they told Hon. Murtala Karshi supporters not to vote for the APC during the election. This is completely unacceptable and action needs to be taken by the party leadership to stop this sabotage,” he said.


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