C.A.C President Urges UN To Take Agitators Seriously

Pastor Olusegun
  • Says Crisis In Church Soon To Be Resolved

President, Christ Apostolic Church Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samuel Olusegun Oladele has called on the United Nations to take agitations by all ethnic groups from Nigeria seriously during the General Assembly.

The minister of God, during the Church’s 2021 Pastors’ Confab at Ikeji Arakeji, Osun State, tasked the UN on fair treatment of all member nations, saying if the body could take Palestine and Eugenia, Burma seriously, then all agitation groups from Nigeria should be treated the same way.

He said: “If the United Nations would be upright to its responsibility, the UN should remember that our President had addressed that General Assembly twice. In his address to the UN in the General Assembly, he played an advocate for the autonomy of Palestine from the land of Israel, likewise for Eugenia in Burma.

“If they took that seriously, the UN should take the agitations for self-determination in Nigeria by different groups seriously.

“We are not saying we should separate just like that, but if our being together would mean the domination of others by one particular ethnic group, then the UN should be up and doing and intervene,” he said.

Speaking on the lingering crisis in his church, the cleric disclosed that the crisis would soon be over as appreciable efforts had been made to finally resolve it.

He disclosed that the church, irrespective of the crisis, has started using the same Bible study pamphlet and other books unlike before.

“We have never come this close to the end of the crisis. The crisis broke out in 1990 during a conference like this in Ilesha, that’s about 31 years ago.

“For the past four years, efforts have been made and we have done much work at reconciling all the factions at Christ Apostolic Church,” the cleric said.


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