David Yonggi Cho, South Korean Pastor Is Dead


The death of a popular South Korean pastor and co-founder of the Yoido Full Gospel Church (Assemblies of God) in South Korea, David Yonggi Cho, has been announced. He passed on at the age of 85.

As announced via his official Facebook page, the renowned minister of the gospel died on Tuesday morning at the age of 85 after battling complications from a stroke.

Prior to the emergence of Glory Dome in Abuja, owned by the Dunamis Church International Gospel Centre, Pastor Yonggi Cho had the highest church auditorium in the world.

Prophet Enoch Adeboye who confirmed the death via a post on his verified Instagram page on Tuesday recounted meeting Yonggi Cho who once asked him to pray for him.

“Several years ago, I visited South Korea because I heard of a man who had the largest Church in the world, he had a congregation of half a million people, by the time I visited him, he had an auditorium that could take approximately fifty thousand people.

He was having seven services on Sundays. I heard him say in the service that we attended telling the members who came one Sunday to please not come back next Sunday so that those who couldn’t come last Sunday can come the next Sunday.


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