Group Restates Call For Creation Of Aba State


Agitators for the creation of Aba State out of Abia State have called
on President Muhammadu Buhari and the National Assembly as well as
other stakeholders to intensify efforts towards the realisation of the
proposed State.

The group, Members of the Aba State Creation Movement, made the call
when they paid a courtesy visit to Guild of Imo Elders (GIE), at the
residence of a former Attorney -General and Commissioner for Justice of
Imo State, Prof. Francis C. Dike, SAN.

Chief G.I. Akara, Secretary-General of the organisation, speaking
stated that one of the cardinal issues of concern to Ndigbo is the
injustice, inequity, and inequality meted on the South East with regard
to the number of states per zone pointing out that the loss which Ala
Igbo has suffered as a result of the injustice that can never be
Akara revealed that the people of the Old Aba Division had been in the
the forefront of the struggle to rewrite the old narrative of deprivation,
injustice and inequality hinted that they were in Owerri to further
solicit the support and cooperation of Imo Elders and leaders.
According to him, all elected representatives from the proposed state
at various levels of government, traditional rulers, academia, cleric
and Governor of Abia State has continued to support the demand for a
new state to be known as Aba State, by signing all the memos in that
The group further hinted that no fewer than 23 State Houses of
Assembly across the country have at different occasions given support
for the creation of Aba State, adding that the National Confab of 2014
recommended that Aba State be created.

Commenting on the prospects of the proposed state, Chief Akara
declared that, “Abia State House of Assembly has given support for the
creation of Aba State. The proposed Aba State will be self-reliant,
not depending on the central government for sustenance, it is rich
with arable land, rain forest, plenty of solid minerals, and it is
close to the Atlantic Ocean, a seaport can easily be built to enhance
the economy of Nigeria.

“Aba hosts the largest private Igbo investments in the South East. It
is the United States of Ndi Igbo. There is no family in the southeast
whose tentacles are not in Aba. Based on the 1963 Census, the proposed
Aba State has a population of over a 5.6million people.

“If elder statesmen like Akanu Ibiam and Dr. M. I. Okpara have been
honoured by creating states dear to them while alive, it is a moral
burden that late Senator Jaja Wachukwu, who established the Aviation
School in Zaria, first Nigeria’s Rep at the UN, first Nigeria’s
External Affairs Minister, who made arrangements for the training of
first set of Nigeria’s foreign service officers should be compensated
in a similar manner, by creating Aba State to honour him.”

Responding, Prof. Dike who is the Deputy Chairman
of Guild of Imo Elders, commended the group for sustaining the
campaign and struggle for the creation of Aba State assuring them of the
support of Imo Elders in whatever way they can.
more states in the South East Zone cannot be over-emphasised and
prayed that Aba State is given the consideration it deserves.











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