I Have Consulted Widely Before Decision To Contest, Says Peter Obi



Former Governor of Anambra State Mr. Peter Obi has said that he has done enough consultations and is convinced that he is the quality of person Nigerians need as president.

Obi who was the Vice Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 Presidential election was reacting to the impression  that it appeared he joined the race late.

In an interview on Sunday,  Obi said: ” I have consulted widely. All the big names you have, I have consulted them. I believe I have assembled a team that will lead Nigeria together, that can secure Nigeria.

“I believe I can turn around this country. I can assemble leaders that can do that too. You know how efficient I managed our resources when I was Governor.

He said that he believes and has demonstrated his leadership abilities before Nigerians.

He said:”I  can promote business. I have created and managed wealth as a private person. I have also done that in public life and have been ahead as Governor of Anambra State”.

On his presence at Alhaji Atiku’s declaration in Abuja, Obi responded: “In Igbo Apprenticeship scheme you join your master, and after your master settles you, you begin to do what your master did. Both of you are now in the same trade so that customers will either buy from the master or from the apprentice. He was my master but now I have been settled and we indulge in the same trade”.

Obi also emphasised the need to elect leaders that can show transparency while in office. According to him, a transparent person cannot lead a corrupt government because corruption collaboration of the leader.

Obi promised to pursue the Presidential ticket to the end.


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