My Encounter With Jesus Christ Was Turning Point In My Life–Prophetess Chimamkpam


Prophetess Obiageli Chimamkpam is the founder of Tree Of Life Fulfilling International Ministry, Jakande Estate, Ikotun Lagos, Nigeria. She spoke about her encounter with Jesus Christ, how she started her ministry and other salient issues in her interview with COLLINS NKWOCHA

Who is Prophetess Chimamkpam and when did you start your ministry?

My name is Prophetess Obiageli Chimampkam, I’m highly privileged to be the founder of Tree Of Life Fulfilling International Ministry. To be very candid, I didn’t start this ministry consciously because I never really envisaged being the founder of a ministry but my encounter with Jesus Christ changed the course of my entire life and made me what I am today. In the encounter, he specifically told me my lines of operations ,deliverance, liberation and restoration of glory.

Can you give us details of your encounter with Jesus Christ?

I have been serving as prophetess for nine years, I served in Soul Winners at Bucknor, Voice Of God Ministry and finally in Redeemed Christian Church of God as an intercessor.I was working in a software company at Ikeja, every Wednesday, I don’t drive to work, I will board public transport so that I can have access to people and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to them.In the month of July, I was on sabbatical leave, while on leave, I still go out to evangelise every Wednesday, there was a particular Wednesday I was preparing to go out for evangelism, but the Lord spoke to me to do the evangelism on my street, I obeyed and did it as the Lord instructed me. When I came back from evangelising on my street on that fateful Wednesday, I entered my bedroom, I suddenly felt that someone else was in the room with me, I looked round but couldn’t see anyone, suddenly, something like smoke covered my entire room, it was as if I was in the cloud, I couldn’t see anything in my room again I became very terrified .Suddenly, I heard a voice ” I AM THE I AM IS WITH YOU” immediately I heard that voice a lot of thoughts caressed my mind, I was wondering if I was still alive or I was in a trance or it was a dream; I heard another voice which said “daughter fear not for I have come to establish a covenant with you”,this actually helped to pacify me .He went ahead to tell me that he has prepared me for a special assignments in the area of deliverance, liberation and restoration of glory, I asked Him how do I go about the assignments, he said that he will cause people that need what he has deposited inside of me to locate me,right inside my house.
He told me that when these people locate me, he will open my eyes of understanding to see their problems and whatsoever I ask in his name, he will honour my word and do it.
He said that my assignment is so much that he wants me to forfeit anything I’m doing now and focus on his work. The things that the Lord was saying was much, I felt I needed a book to write them, immediately I conceived this, a hand presented a book and a pen to me and started writing, I wrote and asked questions and the Lord gave me details of everything, the book is still with me til date, He told me that he will be visiting me again if I can remain faithful with him, before he left, he still reminded me that I AM THAT I AM was the one that spoke to me. Immediately he left, the atmosphere cleared and I ran out of my bedroom to my parlour, I saw my children and saw my mother -in -law in the kitchen and these was a clear evidence that I was still in this world. The next Wednesday, I was surprised to see people I didn’t invite knocking at my gate for fellowship, I remembered that the Lord told me that he will cause people that need what he has deposited inside of me to locate me, after praying for them, they came testifying the next Wednesday and brought more people that was how the encounter changed the cause of my life.

How exactly did you discover that God actually wanted you to become a vessel in his vineyard?

When I was growing up as a child, I do hear voices; most times, whenever my parents discuss anything or make any plans without involving me, immediately I come back, a voice will reveal everything my parents discussed. Most times, if I warn my parents against doing something and they refuse to listen to me, they will always regret why they did that. My mother will call me “ogbanje” and warn me not to be saying anything negative to anything they decide to do. Sometimes, I will see myself in the dream singing with the microphone and people will be falling under anointing with miracles happening.I was very successful until I got married,things started falling apart, I lost my job and life became difficult.You must know that it’s problems that pushes people around in the quest for solutions.
This made me to visit a prophetic ministry for the very first time in my life.The man of God called me out and told me that I have a calling to serve God.I got a very good job immediately I got married, that was in my first year of marriage, I mysteriously lost my job and things around me were in disarray.
The man of God called me out and told me that I have a calling to serve God,that he is seeing me doing this thing he is doing; I was not interested in what he was saying because I never really wanted to be a clergy. I refused to obey what the prophet told me and continued doing it my own way; things kept getting worse.
Finally, I discovered that the only thing that could ameliorate my situation was to surrender to him and I did.

Miracles are good evidence for a clergy because the world believes in sign and wonders,please can you tell us some incredible miracles that has taken place in this ministry?

Miracles are really evidence because the world will not be believe you, except through signs and wonders, especially in these last days. There was a lady that had spinal cord injury, her name is Antonia, it almost got her paralyzed ,she couldn’t sit for more than two minutes.The day she was brought to me, she was lying on the floor in my parlour, then I was still holding my services in my house. Immediately I came out to pray for her, the Lord opened my eyes and I saw how they projected it into her; he told me what to do and also told me to anoint her. Immediately I was anointing her back, she screamed and told me that it was like fire, I also anointed her legs and told her that she will use the legs to stand again. Miraculously, she called me that as she was in the ride that took her home that fateful day, she sat down through out the trip.That was how God healed her of spinal cord injury. Today she sits and stands like every normal person.

How did you get the name of the ministry?

I had my encounter with Jesus Christ in the month of July, immediately after the awesome encounter, things took another dimension. My ministry began to thrive because God kept bringing people that needed what he gave me. The Lord told me to do a programme titled “In His Presence”,I told the Lord that I don’t want to do the programme in my parlour because I already had about 80 people, I asked the Lord where members will tell their friends and families that they were going to. I enunciated that I needed an identity. The Lord told me to open the book of Revelation 22,1-5, it was talking about tree of life which was planted in the middle of a river, the river gives nourishment to the tree and it keeps flourishing. God told me that he has given me a name. When I went to register it, I discovered that the Tree of Life was existing already, I decided to add “Fulfilling International Ministry.

What did God tell you concerning this year?

God keep telling me that 2022 is a year of fasting, fasting Is needed when things are difficult, fasting is needed to break and deal with obstinate and stubborn situations. It means that next year will not really be palatable but God will take care of his people .


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