NFF Brings Smiles To Rohr, The Eagles


The accumulated unpaid salaries of the German-born manager of the Super Eagles of Nigeria have been paid as well as the bonuses and allowances owed to the team. This is a welcome development and it is good for the coaching crew and the team in general.

This is exactly what it takes to move the country ahead in every one of its sports segments. I must commend the foreign coach over his resilience with the federation in this regard; the same goes for the players for exhibiting maturity and real patriotism to the country.

The coach and the players, no doubt, will be filled with joy right now having received their monies from the Nigeria Football Federation after a very long time of expectation. It is also laudable on the side of the federation for walking their talk. Every labourer is entitled to his wage. Therefore, it’s natural that the prompt payment of wages to labourers promotes the dignity of man. And so, high productivity and outputs become very obvious as regular remunerations of the labourers enhance the tool for optimal results.

We have seen situations in the past and present where countries national teams have held their nations on the jugulars for non-payment of their outstanding salaries, bonuses, and allowances and teams would deliberately refuse to play in a major championship or decline to continue to play in the tourney after some matches had been executed while the championship is still on. These ugly incidents have caused some nations serious embarrassment and a huge shame.

These are some of the sad happenings we have indeed witnessed in the global football community, where federations had fallen short of their primary responsibilities in holding back players and coaches’ remunerations. Most times, too, it could be the unpaid hotel accommodations fee where the players are lodged and hotels management threatening to evict athletes when a championship is ongoing!

We must realise that another FIFA World Cup is around the corner in 2022. The federation must put pragmatism and transparency into their focal lens of administration as this incessant holding back payment of salaries or bonuses and allowances will be the invisible monster that could weigh down the morale of the coaching crew and the players especially now they are already on the threshold of qualifying for Qatar.

It’s happiness that motivates every human on earth and if you know when to place this abstract moment on a human, please don’t fail to do so; for it’s this abstract condiment that brings about motivation, the high spirit and patriotic zeal for success.

I must confess here that the Eagles and their crew have been very patriotic for the country in spite of the long period of non-payment of monies due them. Now that they’ve been credited, we do hope that they will give their utmost best during the remaining fixtures of the 2022 Mundial qualification.

The Nigerian federation must ensure that whatever the team needs to accelerate the players’ cooperation on and off the pitch must be handled with the honesty of purpose. The Glasshouse must come out clean in all its administrative functions to ensure there are no lapses as far as the team’s qualification for the forthcoming World Cup is concerned and putting into consideration too that Nigeria must do well in Qatar come 2022. This should be the federation’s resolve and target for the country and her citizenry! Thank God it’s a world without end, Amen. Good Morning Nigeria!



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